18 tips and tricks for fast food shop interior design

18 tips and tricks for fast food shop interior design

18 tips and tricks for fast food shop interior design

Generally, in fast food restaurants, people tend to visit and eat food. But the interior design of fast-food shops tends to focus on branding and having a fun environment. Distinct interior design should be the main focal point for fast food shop interior design. Look at KFC or McDonald’s outlets. They have distinct interior design which reflects their brand.

fast food shop interior design

1. Identify trademark

Every fast-food shop has its own trademark. Design your fast-food shop interior design around the company’s trademark. Because branding is important for fast food shops. Customers tend to forget the brand when it comes to fast food shops. So, your shop’s interior design should focus on more and more branding.

modern fast food shop interior design in bangladesh

2. The front counter is important

When customers visit the fast-food shop, they first engage at the counter. So, make the counter attractive so that customers get a positive vibe from your business. Make sure to install a storage facility on the top of your counter. Because in fast food shop people wants quick and ready-made food.

front end of fast food shop interior

3. Make the design engaging

Fast food restaurants must be more engaging to customers. Because there are generally many competitors around their shop. The interior design of your shop can play a role in attracting customers. Make the interior design more attractive so that customers can identify your shop even from a far distance.

beautiful fastfood shop interior design in bangladesh

4. False ceiling

If you have a big space inside your shop, you can add a false ceiling on the top. A false ceiling can change the whole complexion of your fast-food interior decoration. Use your ideas and imagination to design the false ceiling.

false celling design of fast food shop i

5. Lighting

Now, when it comes to fast food shop lighting use lights that are slightly bright than the restaurant or café. There are some attractive lighting styles such as LED light, bowl light, wire lights. Use both direct and indirect lighting to make the interior design attractive.

attractive fast food interior design

6. Bring uniqueness

Always remember that in fast food restaurants people don’t spend a lot of time. So, be unique in your interior design so that customers can remember your shop. You can bring unique furniture or unique color. It all depends on your idea and design.

7. Coloring

When it comes to fast food shops interior design coloring is important. You can either choose natural colors or bold. The color concept depends on your shop’s identity and type. Some fast-food restaurants go for natural colors while others choose bold colors so that their eyes are catchy. But always use colors for branding your fast-food shop.

8. Make the design functional

Generally, fast-food shops have minimum space. The interior design of fast food should focus on utilizing all the space available. For example, the seating inside the shop should be divided into two sections. Some customers want to spend time privately while others have large groups. Arrange sitting for different customer needs.

9. Fast food kitchen interior design

Fast food kitchen has high pressure as they have consequent ordering. Use high-quality materials for sustainability. Maintain proper ventilation for your kitchen. Build enough cabinets in the kitchen for the storage facility. Another thing is installing all the necessary accessories in your kitchen.

kitchen design in a fast food interior
kitchen design in a fast food interior

10. Branding in the front

When people went to fast food shops, they want a quick and easy meal. They spend less time in the shop. So, branding through interior design is challenging. So, providing enough branding in the front is helpful for customers to remember the shop. You can stickers of your company on your front door.

11. Design along with customer need

This is the factor that some people overlook while designing the interior of a fast-food shop. Different shops have different items, and they have different customers. So, while designing the interior design of your fast-food shop you need to identify what kinds of customers you will serve. Then take the decision on the theme of your interior design.

12. Manage your space

Before the interior design, you should properly manage your space. Space management means you must plan carefully where goes what. Right functionality is essential for fast food interior design. Take your time in planning the whole interior design.

13. Make it modern

Unlike restaurants, you must make a modern interior design for your fast-food shop. Restaurants have different themes when it comes to interior design. But in terms of fast-food shops, the interior design should be modern and trendy. Glass, steel, veneer boars, and concrete are the modern materials that you can use for modern fast food interior design.

14. Interior design for small shops

By small shop I mean food courts. They have a minimum space, and they just take the orders and serve the customers outside the shop. This type of shop has bold colors, they are more focused on branding. You can use lubbers around the counter and some shelves to display your product.

15. Make everything clear

When it comes to fast food shops you should make everything visible. It is one of the primary concepts of fast-food shop interior design. You must design your interior in a way that customers can see clearly what the staff are doing.

16. Storage is important

In many fast-food shops, you must keep a display of your food. So, design storage systems to display the food to the customers. One easy way to do that make an open shelf behind the counter. You can also display food underneath the counter by making glass shelves.

17. Use mirrors

You can use mirrors for your fast-food shop interior decoration. Because the basic theme of fast-food interior design is to make everything visible to the customers. You can also use mirrors to make the place glossy.

18. Comfortable design

Lastly, a comfortable design is helpful for customer retention. If your furniture design and environment are comfortable the customers are likely to return if the food is good of course. Another important thing is designing your interior in a way that it is easy to keep the environment neat and clean

amazing fast food shop interior design
amazing fast food shop interior design

Fast food interior design should be focused on branding the shop. Keeping the interior design neat and tight is another objective. Furthermore, if you can add creativity and uniqueness to the design the interior design of your fast food will be modern.


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