6 trendy office interior design ideas in Bangladesh

6 Trendy office interior design ideas in Bangladesh

6 trendy office interior design ideas in Bangladesh

The office interior design trend in Bangladesh started drastically after 2010. Many multinational companies began to realize the importance of interior design in Bangladesh. Better environments in the office results in a better outcome. In this blog, we will discuss some trendy office interior design ideas in Bangladesh.

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1. Open Floor Plan:

Open Floor Plan is evergreen in terms of office interior design. It is quite popular when the office interior design field grows up in the Bangladeshi market. And now the open floor plan is the first choice for every office owner. There are several reasons behind it. One of them is cleanliness. Less wall space is always looking clean and gorgeous. People can move frequently that’s why they won’t feel suffocation. On the other hand, the open floor plan is always cheaper than the other types of floor plan. Office owners have the liberty to change the floor according to the situation.

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2. Use color psychology:

As the days passed we become more advance and smart. Generally, you can find two types of people in an office space; they are clients and office employees. Color affects a lot on human psychology. Such as neutral color like light-blue, and off-white indicates calmness and orange color makes people feel more energetic as it is close to the sun color of summer. That’s the trick, that is played by every interior designer while they are doing office interior design in Bangladesh. They always make the color of a workspace as much as bright orange so that they feel energetic thus it will make them more productive. If you are dealing with a corporate office, every day many visitors will come to your office space for various reasons. So they might have to wait for a long period of time. So interior designers, try to make the color of a waiting room or guest room close to neutral so that they won’t feel suffocation.

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3. Touches of Home:

Employees are the heart of any organization. We spent most of our time at the office after home. If I asked 100 people that where do you feel more relaxed? I am pretty sure that 100% of people will answer that home is the place where they feel more relaxed. What if? Office workplace is designed in such a way that there is a little bit of a home touch with that. Does it really help to increase the productivity of an employee? From the stats, we found some positive results. Touches of the home will help every employee to feel relaxed and work in a calm manner without any pressure.

4. Use Comfortable Customized and Modern Furniture:

Furniture makes our day-to-day life easier. Choosing the right furniture for the office is very important and crucial. If the seating arrangement is not comfortable all the interior decoration you have for productivity and client satisfaction is wasted. Nowadays many corporate offices prefer to use customized furniture rather than buying from outside for ensuring quality and comfort for the employees with the help of an interior design company.

5. Bring the nature

In many office spaces, the interior designer focuses on Biophilic Design. Biophilic interior design styles focus on bringing a natural element to an office space. Such as natural light, natural materials, natural airflow, and the use of as many plants as possible. It will help to keep your office space calmer. Besides increasing productivity, it will ensure a wonderful outlook of your office space.

6. Use the Lounge Areas:

Lounge areas are important for your guest as well as for your employees. As clients had to wait in the lounge areas you need to give special attention to the lounge areas. Ensuring proper lighting, and free flow of air should be the main criteria of amazing lounge areas. In many office spaces, we see that many employees use the lounge areas to relax and have a cup of tea before the start of their working day.

Reciption interior design at small office

These are some trendy office interior design ideas that will definitely help you while you are doing office interior design in Bangladesh


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