Bathroom interior design in Bangladesh

Bathroom interior design ideas

Bathroom interior design in Bangladesh

Interior design in Bangladesh is a growing sector and in terms of bathroom interior design, there are a small number of companies in the country that only specialize in bathroom interior designs. However, a comfortable restroom is very important for any kind of building as it creates an impression.

Why it is important

It is important to get a classy design for the bathrooms because we use bathrooms for a variety of purposes such as to take bath, brush our teeth, and get ready and a good interior design bathroom gives a positive vibe to the people.

Elements that are must bathroom interiors in Bangladesh


The most important product that a bathroom requires is sanitary such as a toilet, and in Bangladesh Kohler is one of the best sanitary companies. Now, there are two types of toilets one is wall mounted and another one is rimmed. In Bangladesh, most of the buildings use rimmed toilets yet some modern commercial buildings use wall-mounted toilets but toilet pan is common in Bangladeshi bathrooms.


A countertop is a top surface with an attached sink in the bathroom. This is a great element to enhance the beauty of a bathroom interior. Generally, in Bangladesh, there is only a wall-mounted sink in the bathroom. There are several elements by which a countertop can be built like; granite, concrete, marble, glass, tiles, and quartz.

Another important element for the interior design of the bathroom is a sink. Installing the sink in the best place is a vital factor for interior designers. Nowadays, in Bangladesh, there is some modern sink designs price ranging from BDT 1000 to 30000.

Shower installation

There needs to be a space for bathing in the bathrooms, however, this space is not necessary for commercial buildings. But in residential buildings bathroom interior designs, there are both toilet and shower facilities. There are many fixtures that interior design could be included in the shower facility such as bathtub, shower head, hand showers, shower panels.

Of course, the bathroom needs natural lighting, and a clear flow of air to keep the bathroom fresh and clean. When you design a bathroom interior you should make some space for windows for natural lighting and air supply. Proper lighting is necessary for bathroom interior design and different space needs different types of lighting. Like in the sink mirror backlight is a perfect fit. And in the toilet area wall mounted light can be a unique feature.

One of the most important features or work of a bathroom is plumbing, without the right plumbing you will not be able to keep the bathroom clean. The interior design of a bathroom should be planned with the combination of the plumbing system of the building like water supply system, wastage drainage system.
Floor and wall interior design

A vital aspect of a bathroom is cleanness and thus bathroom interior designers tend to put floor materials that are easy to clean. In Bangladesh, most of the bathrooms have ceramic tile, stone tile, concrete, or cork floor. In walls, the interior designers could use wallpapers, bathroom paint, or tiles. Certain arts could be installed in the bathroom to make the bathroom interior more aesthetic.

Other elements

There can be some other elements that are both necessary and can make the interior design more interesting. In the bathroom, there can be a storage unit in a corner depending on the space and design. Shelves are another example to give the bathroom an extra facility. Towel rods are a must for any kind of bathroom but they should be installed in a place that matches the interior design.
Modern bathroom ideas in Bangladesh

Now I will demonstrate some modern bathroom ideas that will enhance the beauty of bathrooms interiors.

Generate the idea

Like a living space or commercial building, the bathroom interior design also requires a theme on which designers will work. In a theme, there is a fundamental idea about the interior design and then the designers consider the materials, color, and other stuff.

Follow present style

If you want to make a modern bathroom interior design you need to follow the current style of bathroom interiors and the latest products that are of course needs to be perfectly aligned with the theme. You need to do a bit of research about what is the best designs available and the best features available in the market that can be installed in the bathroom.
Use high-end features

If you want to build a modern bathroom you need to use high-quality features in the bathroom. Like you can install spotlights in the bathroom or a large mirror on one side of the wall. There are also some modern bathroom fixtures like rainfall ceiling showers or wall-mounted bathroom accessories. One unique idea of bathroom interior design is to have small plants hanging on the wall.


The color scheme of a bathroom is very important as it reflects the whole idea of that bathroom interior design. The color scheme of a bathroom should be chosen according to the features and accessories of the bathroom. You also need to be careful about choosing the color because the color and lighting system has to be matched to give the bathroom a premium look.

Add furniture

To make bathroom interior premium you should add some  furniture to the bathroom like a shelf, vanity cabinet, or wall cabinet. It will make the interior design beautiful and also this will give storage facilities.
Use modern technology

There are some technologies that you can use to make the bathroom more comfortable and luxurious like you can add water heating features, a smart washer and dryer, and even smart toilets.

Align all the features

The bathroom is a little space and you need to be careful and generate ideas in terms of making the place luxurious. If you manage to keep a compact design with all the features such as color, furniture, and features you will be able to make a premium quality bathroom.

In Bangladesh bathroom, interior design can be a challenging factor as fewer people are interested in making their bathrooms premium. But there are immense opportunities, high-quality products, and high-quality interior designers who can give your bathroom a premium look and can make it a comfort zone for you.


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