Drawing room decoration in Bangladesh

Drawing room decoration in Bangladesh

Are you looking for drawing room decoration in Bangladesh? Do you organize your drawing room every day?

The drawing room is a welcoming area. We want the living space to appear elegant all the time. We want our guests to have the best impression when they look at the interior design.

Innovative living room ideas for interior design is vital for this expression. If you are worried about interior design, then you can hire a professional designer.

On the other hand, if you want to do it yourself, you can find new living room ideas on the internet. However, the application of interior design can be tricky. Hence we are going to share some interior design ideas with you.

Choose a drawing room color

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Our country has a warm, humid climate in such a condition lighter colors make the interior space comfortable. You can select off-white colors for the room.

Apart from this neutral color tone, you can apply one bright color. It makes the space delightful.

In interior design, you should select some particular colors and stick to them till the very end of the plan. For example, if you have a white background and brown tone furniture, your second color is already picked.

In this way, a mixture of two to three different colors can bring about an amusing interior space. There is a trick to how you apply drawing room color in interior design. If you have a dark color with a light color, play with contrast to make the space attractive.

Flooring options for living room

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There are many things to consider for the flooring options of living room. If you hire an interior designer, you have the option to change the tiles and go for a luxurious look.

If you are doing it yourself, you can select a lavish carpet for the floor. A quality rug is prestigious and looks appealing in the welcoming part of the house.

Select a carpet that will make the drawing room interior warm and comfortable. You may find a furry rug that will bring a soft feeling to the room. However, if you do, you have to match it up with the rest of the ingredients of interior design.

For example, the walls, sofa, and coffee table are all in white tones. A carpet is light color can be too simple.

If you make it colorful, it can strike the visitor’s eyes. A sudden colors contrast can make the space more joyful to the guests.

Although if you already have colors present in the interior, your approach should be different. In this case, you do not want the rug to be the focus of the design. But it should be warm and pleasant.

Include wall texture to the drawing room

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Textures bring life to an interior design. When you are selecting fabric for interior design, you should be careful. It should not disturb the eyes of the viewer in the drawing room.

There is no end to texture variations in the market for interior design. You can use boards to apply wood texture in accent walls.

On the other hand, you can use texture paints on the wall. There are different types of texture paint to choose from depending on how you want the core wall to be.

Apart from that, you can also try concrete textures. By using the concrete mixture, you can have a diverse pattern on the focus wall.

Once again, the options you have for patterns are vast. Dexterous hands can bring about an appealing finish to the wall. Make sure the person working on the wall is well experienced.

Install elegant lightings

nteiror design furniture.jpg

If you have your accent wall ready, this is your focus area, and you want people to notice this facade. Add a few spotlights in a warm color tone to make them more attractive.

It will become the compelling part of your entire house. Anyone would want to sit here for a long time and relax.

These small lights are not the only focus in the living room idea. You can add a fancy chandelier in the center.

It looks luxurious if you can use the chandelier in combination with the false ceiling. Although, you have to be a bit picky before selecting the chandelier.

There are diverse chandelier lights available in the market. Select the one that suits your living room ideas. Here, strong imagination power is the key.

You can also ask for suggestions from a professional interior designer. They are used to choosing chandeliers and other design elements this way.

Along with that, they have software to aid them in visualization. There may be a small price for this service, but it is better than choosing the wrong chandelier.

Use colorful pillows

color pillows on sofa for inteiror design.jpg

Similar to the rest of the elements of interior design, pillow colors depend on their surroundings. I personally like neutral color background with colorful pillows on the sofa.

You can select colors like lemon yellow, bright orange, pale blue, or green colors. A simple white background brings the viewer’s attention to the pillows in the room. It provides a sense of balance that people appreciate in drawing room.

Apart from that, pillows can also bring in new textures in the living interior design. All you have to do is make sure the texture marges with the entire space.

There can be fluffy, glossy, furry, smooth textures on the pillow. A feathery texture will make the interior design soft in appearance, while a glossy one will express richness.

Get creative with the coffee table

The coffee table is one of the essential parts of the drawing room decoration in Bangladesh. It brings the sofa together in one picture and makes relaxing activities possible.

People read a magazine, play board games, or have a drink in the drawing room. A coffee table holds these objects in one place and helps visitors relax.

Hence, a coffee table is stylish at the same time, makes these functions possible. The coffee table for your living room depends on your activity and interior design style.

If you like games, you can get one with a chessboard printed on the tabletop. Similarly, if you enjoy reading, the table can hold some books for your entertainment.

Depending on the interior design style for your drawing room, you can select a coffee table. It can be simple, luxurious, classic, or something exotic.

Add hang chairs in the drawing room design

If you have a spacious drawing room, adding a hanging chair can add coziness to the area. It breaks the formal appearance of the living room.

Although, it depends on your style entirely. If you face a lot of formal meetings in the drawing room, then this is not a good living room idea. But if you have friends and family frequently visiting and want the drawing room design to be lively, then this is your option.

Of course, the entire interior design style has to be lighthearted for this to work out. With this addition, you will have a playful, joyous drawing room decoration in Bangladesh.

Final words

These are some interior design ideas for drawing room decoration in Bangladesh. In reality, there are more ideas you can apply to your drawing-room.

We found some ideas we thought you would like. However, there are more ideas available on the internet.

You can select a concept that suits your personality. If you feel confused, you can always ask for help from an interior designer. Consultancy from professionals will assist you with the right decision for interior design.


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