/ Drawing room interior design

Drawing room interior design is very much essential because most of the time we spend in the drawing-room. So, it should look great as well as needs to be functional and comfortable.

Nowadays, it’s called the formal living room. Decoration of the living room reflects the personality and taste of the house owner. It is a welcome space of a home where the guest is first received.

So, as a first impression space, living room interior design should be attractive and luxurious.

A drawing room is a place where the guests arrive and rest. Hence this room’s interior design will put an impression on people. There are many ways to change the drawing room interior design. It can be a luxurious drawing room interior design, or a small drawing room design.

False ceiling design is one of the vital needs of this room. When a person enters a room, they notice the ceiling at first. So, working with the roof is your best option to impress the guests. You can either install a false ceiling with many benefits on the interior space or go for an exciting expose ceiling concept.

The next option is to add a tv unit to the drawing room interior design. There are two ways to add a tv to the formal living room interior design. If there is little space in the room, you can install a tv wall. On the other hand, if there is enough space, you can add a box under the tv. The tv could either stand on it or can be mounted on the wall. Either way, there are innovative ways to uplift the tv unit.

Add decorations to the drawing-room. You can add a display unit holding lots of decors or place wall decorations in the room. Our interior designer can find fascinating ways to make the drawing-room interesting. For example, we can add a custom table with board games on the top. It will help you to keep the guests entertained. At the same time, it can help get rid of boredom at times.

 / Factors that should be considered when the interior design of a Drawing room:

1.Space Planning:

Every design should have a specific plan. It is the first step of interior decoration. It would be best to consider the various factors when you start your drawing room program, like furniture arrangement, Lighting combination, color matching, materials selection, sustainability, etc.

2. Color Selection:

The wall color of a drawing-room can entirely change its look. Most people will choose a light color in their living room walls. Different types of color combinations can be used for other individuals.

There should be proper applications of colors in the drawing-room. It should have a touch of your personality. For example, if you are a bold person, then bold colors it the way to go. However, color applications in drawing room interior design shouldn’t confuse the viewers. So, there should be two or three colors combination in the room. At the same time, the color should complement the textures and the furniture colors. If not, then the entire drawing room interior can look dull. So, there should be clever color usage in the drawing-room interior design.not, then the entire drawing room interior can look dull. So, there should be clever color usage in the drawing-room interior design.

3. Lighting Arrangement

Lighting is another very vital concern for a living room interior design.
Living room light considerations include:
· Should be used LED Spot and T5 tube in the false ceiling.
· At room wall Bracket Light should be included.
· Hidden light at wooden drop ceiling and Wall paneling.
· A gorgeous Chandelier in Drawing. It gives an elegant look to this room.

4. Furniture and decoration:

In the living room the most important piece of furniture is Sofa. If the Living room is small, then a slim Sofa should be your choice. But in terms of the large drawing room sofa should be gorgeous.

Except for Sofa, other essential furniture is the TV Unit, Bookshelf, Showpiece cabinet, etc.

For decoration purposes: Wooden False Ceiling, Wall Paneling, Rustic Tiles on the wall, Wallpaper, Folding door for Drawing and Dining room partition and separation.

5. Personality refection:

Drawing room design reflects the personality of the homeowner. You can judge a person’s taste to see his/ her living room decoration.
Paintings, Artwork, Crafting, chandelier, Sofa design, and room color should make the very aristocrat. A professional and experienced interior design company can give the solution of this correctly.

 / The following steps have to be maintained to handle the drawing room interior design project smoothly:

• Space Measurement

• Conceptual plan ready

• Furniture Layout

• 3D Visualization

• Detail Working drawings and design

•Ensure better customer service.

• Selection of perfect materials

• Cost and Budget Prepare

• Work execution by top-level Technician and suppliers

• Site supervision and monitoring by qualified Engineers and Architects

• Timely handover

 / Recommended materials in the drawingroom interior interior design Purpose:

For a Standard living room, the following materials you can use:
Showpiece unit, Bookshelf, TV Unit:

Option – 1: Burma Teak Veneer Board/ Ply, Gordon Board/ Ply, Polish/ Burnish, Quality Hardware

Option – 2: MDF OAK Veneer Board/ Plain MDF, Lacquer Polish/ Docu Paint, Quality Hardware

Option – 3: Marin Ply, Lacquer Polish/ Docu Paint, Quality Hardware

Option – 4: Plain MDF, Imported HPL Sheet Pasting, Quality Hardware

Decorative False Ceiling: Burma teak Veneer Board, White Plain Board, Gordon Wood, Polish, Docu Paint

Tiles: General Floor Tiles, Wooden Floor, Rustic Tiles on wall

Solutions: All LED Light- T5 Tube, LED Spot, chandelier, Bracket Light.

Wall Paneling: Burma Teak Veneer Board/ MDF OAK Veneer Board, Gordon Wood, Polish/ Lacquer Polish/ Docu Paint

Wall Paints: Plastic Paint – Luxury Silk

Grill Paint: Enamel Paint

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