Hospital interior design in Bangladesh

Hospital interior design in Bangladesh

Hospital interior design in Bangladesh

Hospital interior design in Bangladesh become so popular in recent times because every hospital and health care center realizes that better interior design results in better outcomes. Through the research of the Bangladesh health ministry, we came to know that hospitals and medical center with appealing interior design increase patient comfort. An inviting interior design creates comfortable environments in hospitals or health care centers that will result in healing patients quickly.

Do you why people do visit a private hospital for treatment? People can visit govt. hospital and can do treatments with affordable cost, but why do people prefer private hospitals over govt. hospitals? The reason is that people won’t like to compromise with anything in terms of treatment at least. As a developing country, we do not have that environment or facility in govt. hospital. So People choose private hospitals over govt. hospitals just because of the environment. An experienced interior design company will not only design your hospital/ health care center beautiful as well as they will make it functional so that the patients who come to visit your hospital feel comfortable. They can make a difference with other hospitals or health care centers.

In this blog, we will share five beautifully modern and practical design ideas for any type of hospital /healthcare center, from expansive hospitals to private practices.

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1. Add unique style and enhance privacy in treatment rooms:

Whenever you pass through any kind of hospital or health care center you always see a notice board and every vehicle or person is requested not to make a noise. Because hospital areas especially treatment areas like OT or Osmotherapy, need to be calmer and noiseless. Usually, we always see that the treatment room is always designed with minimal furnishing. But that does not mean that those room needs to be boring.

You can use eye-catching geometric prints with shades of blue to match the rest of the room’s design. Echo panel geometry tiles will not only add a unique style to the treatment room as well as it will increase the privacy of this private place with its soundproofing ability. As a result, both doctor and patient will feel relaxed.

2. Do not miss the chance to design your lobbies and the waiting room:

Lobbies and waiting areas are great spaces to be more creative. The hospital consists of many rooms with a large area. People often got frustrated by searching for their desired room. That’s why we can markup the highlighted place by adding Baffle Ceilings. A baffle ceiling is a great idea for marking your highlighted place like lobbies waiting rooms cash counters or hospital reception areas.

Baffle Ceilings are usually visually appealing and easy to install. It usually hangs from the ceiling. Besides this baffle ceiling is more cost-effective it will save you money, and it will create premium vibes in hospital lobbies and waiting rooms. In open waiting areas and lobbies preventing sound, control can be tricky; by using a baffle ceiling you can control noise easily.

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3. Theme color:

Human health depends a lot on the environment. So always try to include furnishing made of eco-friendly material for health care facilities. It will bring an aesthetic look and it will overall ensure comfort for the patient. Try to use a theme color that is close to nature, It might be a neutral color like light blue, or light green.

4. Proper Lighting:

While you are doing interior design for a hospital, you should give more importance other than anything proper lighting will groom your design over 3 times. Especially in Treatment areas like Operation Theater, you need to use neutral light with no shadow. Sometimes installing a light in the wrong places can be dangerous for patients. Using deep color light can affect a patient brain a lot as a result their situation will become from bad to worst. So take proper guidelines from the interior designer when choosing a light for your hospital.

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5. Make planning for emergency exit:

Now a day’s fire accident is a common problem for most commercial place in Bangladesh. Look, this is an accident you cannot do anything about. Sit with the interior designer and choose a suitable place for an emergency exit. Place a fire extinguisher on each and every floor for minimizing the damage.

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As we all know options for attractive and patient-focused hospital interior design in Bangladesh are limitless. These are the basic 5 points that are shared and will definitely help while for your hospital interior design in Bangladesh.


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