Interior Design Cost in Bangladesh

Interior Design Cost in Bangladesh

Interior Design Cost in Bangladesh

Interior design cost in Bangladesh is not fixed. It depends on many factors such as project scope, Project location, Luxury level, Quality and quantity of furnishing, Reputation of the interior design company, Time to complete your project, and many other factors. In this blog, we will share with you some important factors that will affect your interior design cost in Bangladesh.

“Everything is designed. Few things are designed well.” — Brian Reed.

Everybody wants his/her dream place to be well designed and decorated. You might have good taste in design and decoration but you need a specialist who can assist you to make your dream place more attractive.

If you are looking forward to designing your dream home/office, consulting with an experienced interior design company in Bangladesh would be the best solution to decorate or design your dream place. When are you thinking about hiring an interior design company to decorate or home/office, the first thing that comes to your mind is, what is the interior design cost in Bangladesh?. An interior design company can minimize your interior design cost by 25%.

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1. Project Scope:

Interior design cost in Bangladesh largely depends on project scope. It is obvious that if you have a bigger project the interior design cost will be high also. Some interior design projects run 3-4 weeks but for a large project, it might take several months. A longer project requires more labor and more resources that’s why it will cost more. However, a short project can also be costly, when clients have rushed to complete the project before the deadline.

The cost may also be impacted by the amount of work required. When you are designing your home/office, if the interior designer does not make any structural change to your home/office, interior design costs will be on the lower end. You have some requirements about design, to do it you will have to break a wall or a window, and the cost can be increased due to the additional time and labor needed by the interior design company to complete the structural change.

Interior design cost in Bangladesh depends on the material required to finish the project. You need materials, such as Board, glass, paintings, etc. It depends on the luxury level of a client the more you want the more you have to pay.

Interior design cost in Bangladesh depends on the material required to finish the project. You need materials, such as Board, glass, paintings, etc. It depends on the luxury level of a client the more you want the more you have to pay.

Before you contract with an interior design company you must deal with the interior design company and how do you want to work with them. There 3 famous pricing models in this field, they are flat rate, billing by square feet, and percentage of the project cost.

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Flat Rate

This is a win-win deal both for clients and the interior design company. Clients get more benefits from this pricing model because they know exactly know the amount to be paid. The interior design company analysis everything and propose a billing to a client.
Suppose they have proposed a bill of 10 lakh taka to the client, They are not allowed to take a single penny extra from the clients, no matter how much time it takes to complete the project or how much money did you spend on the materials or for the labor.

Most of the clients go with that pricing model because it is a hassle-free pricing model for them. They are bound to pay extra money if and only if they want to do some extra work besides the quotation given by the interior design company initially.

Billing by square feet:

The advance of this pricing model is that client has a proper idea about their billing and they do feel that they have been billed correctly. Because there is a standard pricing system for per square feet that you know how much money you have to for per square feet you can prepare according to your place size and go with this deal.

Percentage System

It is the best deal if you have enough time to look after your project. You will have to deal in such a way that you will pay 30% extra money besides the total cost beard by the interior design company as markup fees. Suppose at the end of the project, you check every bill properly or you might buy each and every material for the project and the total bill is 2 lakh taka and you have 30% markup fees for the interior design company then you have to pay 60000 tk to the interior design company. And if the interior design company buys each and every material for your project you will have to in total of 2lakh 60 thousand taka.

2. 3D Design:

When you hire an interior design company in Bangladesh, They first will visit your place and take measurements of your home/office. According to these measurements, they will draw a 3d design of your home or office. You can see what, how will your home will look like after completing the project. Most of the interior design companies in Bangladesh charged extra money for 3d design because it is always done by a quality interior designer. Depending on your choice and the number of revisions price can be increased.

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3. Labor and additional cost

Labor is one of the most expensive costs of interior design. Some interior design companies are charged for labor depending on the project size and time required to complete the project. And some are charged for labor on an hourly or daily basis. You might have to give some down payment before starting the construction of your project.

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4. Quantity and Quality of Furnishings

Another factor must be considered while calculating interior design costs in Bangladesh, that is the furniture and appliances required to décor your home/office. Furnishing costs depend on the client’s taste and budget. If you want the best quality furniture you will have to bear more cost. However, a good experience interior design company assures you the best quality furniture with your limited budget.

5. Project Location

Most of the interior designer companies in Bangladesh prepare a pricing model and send it to the client according to the project location. Suppose A project which is located on Basundhara, and a project located in Rampura there is a huge price difference.

Try to find the best interior design company which is located near to your project. Suppose your location is in Rajshahi and you have hired an interior design company that is based in Dhaka. The company must charge extra money for transportation and the time required to visit your place.

6. Reputation Value of the interior design Company

Interior design costs in Bangladesh might be increased based on the reputation and company name of the interior design company which you have selected. Suppose A famous interior design company that has a brand value, Appeared on TV channels, has done some significant projects such as ‘le meridian hotel’, Done some projects for celebrities, will charge more than a less known interior design company in Bangladesh.

You might go with a less-known interior design company for a low cost. But a less-known interior design company has limited experience, thus you might get unsatisfied with their work and professionalism.

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Here are some basic factors you must keep in mind when you are calculating interior design costs in Bangladesh for your home/office.


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