Ultimate guideline for home interior design for new home owner

home interior design

Ultimate guideline for home interior design for new homeowner

You have recently owned a new house? And you are planning to do home interior design. As you were not introduced to interior design before, you will have to be aware of each and everything. Choosing the right home interior design company to understand the basics of interior design materials and their cost is very crucial. In this blog, we will try help you to understand the basics of interior design, planning styling, and budgeting.

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How to choose the right interior design company for your home decoration:

If you are looking forward to professional and effective home interior decoration, hiring an interior design company can be a great idea. From expectation to execution, an experienced interior design company can be your helping hand to achieve your dream home interior. Here we have shared some tips for choosing the right interior design company in Bangladesh.

1. Be realistic:

As you are doing interior design for the first time, you might not know that a home interior project usually needs a minimum of 1-2 months to be completed. In that case, you should be realistic, please do not influence by watching attractive YouTube or google ads something like “get your dream home in 2 days”.

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2. Take your time:

Please don’t be in a hurry. A home is your dream and to achieve your dream home interior, choosing the right interior design company is the first fundamental. You should be very choosy while you are selecting the right interior design company. Every interior design company comes with different styles, planning, and business process. Before selecting an interior design company you must have some expectations and a budget, please do not select any of the interior design companies until your expectation and budget do not go with the same line.

3. Understanding the billing systems:

Depending on the project size and your luxury level different interior design company offer bills in different ways. In Bangladesh usually, the top-rated interior company usually follows these types of billing systems such as 50% advance before the start of the project, 20% in between implementing the project, and the rest of the amount will be billed after completion of your project.


4. Check the company’s reputation

You are first time doing interior design for your home. You might be attracted by some interior design photos on Facebook ads and started to contact the interior design company. You should keep in mind that, literally one gives these types of paid ads on Facebook. Before selecting an interior design company, you should check the company’s reputation. The question is how can you check this? Well, that is very simple; we are living in an era of modern technology. You can check easily by crawling their Facebook page feeds and Facebook reviews. If this goes right if you get positive feedback from their Facebook page and google reviews, you can select the right interior design firms for you.

You cannot leave everything up to an interior design company. It is your dream home. You will have to identify your needs and styles. An interior designer can give you guidelines and implement your needs.

unique master bedroom interior designHow can you determine your styles and needs?

It can be challenging for you to determine your needs and styles because you are doing interior design for the first time. Here we have shared some essential methods so that you can easily determine your needs and styles.

1. Take a Survey:

Well in recent times many people stuck in between modern interior design and contemporary interior design. Now, which one would you like to go with?? Believe me, there are many interior design groups like BD INTERIOR, these groups are consists of thousands of interior designers, civil engineers, and general clients like you who are interested to do interior design or have completed some of their projects. Just share your thought in this group with them; you will get a proper idea, of which interior design style is preferable in recent times. Or you can hire a professional who will give you some ideal guidelines.

2. Take inspiration from online:

There are many online communities such as Pinterest, Facebook page, Instagram, and YouTube, where many professional interior designers share their awesome thoughts, photos, and videos. You can take inspiration from there.

modern drawing room interior design3. Note down everything:

After surveying online please select some inspiring photos that you have liked from resources. Collect them and note down each and every crucial point that you have got online. Merge them all and think quietly individually you will get your answer probably. If not please share these documents with your interior designer they will help you out with this problem.

Select your interior design style, select your theme color then go ahead with your dream home interior. You can check some awesome home interior design ideas provided by BD INTERIOR that definitely help you to achieve your goal.


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