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Find out the office type

Every office has a different work schedule and work method. Their work varies from one another, so their conference rooms have different purposes. Some offices use this room on a regular basis other use it occasionally. So, as an interior designer of a conference room, you should have a clear idea about their work and purpose of building the conference room.

Coloring and lighting

The coloring and lighting are very important for conference room interior design. Unusual coloring and lighting can cause disturbance to the employees. You should choose warm and soft colors for the conference room interior design.

If you plan to design the interior of the office conference room there is a lot to consider. Because the conference room has a variety of aspects in which a designer must put his ideas and materials. There are technological installations and also about building the right environment for the office employees. In this blog, I will show you how to design the interior conference office which will be a perfect fit for the office.

Design Conference room in a strategic place

In the office room, the conference room should be placed in a strategic place. This means employees should get in the conference room easily. However, the size of the conference room varies according to the size of the company and the number of employees the office has. In some offices, the conference room could be on multiple floors.

Keep enough space

The conference rooms contain many interior factors but you also should keep in mind that you have to keep enough space so that the room does not look compact or too crowded. The size of conference rooms may vary but there are some standard measurements that the interior designers should follow while designing the conference room.

Every interior design should follow this standard to build a comfortable conference room in the office. However, the size may vary according to the office types, the number of employees, and the budget of the interior decoration. There are several types of tables that you can use to build better engagement. There are U-shaped tables, straight boardroom tables, or desk tables to use in the conference room.

Install high-quality technology

In a conference room, there are both sound and digital technologies that have to be installed. For better engagement for connecting with the people. There are sound systems, speakers, projectors, screens audio, and video equipment. While doing interior design you should be careful about putting all the technical things and it should be high in quality according to the budget.


The decoration of the conference room should be matched with the office interior design however, you can give it a slightly new outlook to create a better environment for the persons who are working. Choose a color that is not distractive and choose a design which not so eye-catchy because while doing conference people focuses on the topics and the interior design should not be a distractive matter to them. So, elegant design is necessary to build a nice worm environment.

Follow Standard size

At first, you should keep space about 45″ to 50″ between the table and walls and 15″ to 25″ between chair and wall. You should keep 25″ to 30″ between the chairs for better working space in the table and 30″ to 35″ between the table and back of the chair. There should be at least 55″ to 60″ between the table and the display board. If there is a TV monitor it should be placed in the center of the wall.

Standard table and room size

As mentioned above the conference room size varies from office to office and its interior decoration should be according to the capacity of the room.

Conference room interior design

Lighting is important

In a conference room, there are presentations and the lighting should be of the right kind. In conference room interior design, you have to put shades on the windows to darken for presentation purposes. You should also design the interior in a way that natural lighting is available in the room. You can put some spotlight around the rooms and some bowl lights in the middle.

Use soundproof materials

The conference room has to be in a place where there is less sound and in a comfortable place. Acoustic paneling to the walls is a modern method to control the sound of a conference room. There should be no visual distractions so that the office staff can put their concentration on the presentation. Moreover, proper airflow is important otherwise the office members will feel suffocated while doing a conference in the room.

Use light furniture

Using light furniture in the conference room decoration can give you some advantages. If you want to change the outlook of the room you can do that easily then. Moreover, using light furniture gives you more space in the room and the members can move easily. Installing heavy furniture lessens the conference room’s place and it feels more crowded.

Keep extra siting options

You may never know how many people can be present in one conference room. So, if you have enough space to put on extra sitting options you should defiantly put that into your design. Because It might be an important thing in the future. The sitting estimation will not be perfect always so you should put extra sitting options in your interior design.

In conference room interior design, you have to keep in mind some certain things. First of all, good lighting is a must. Secondly, free space is helpful for giving a vibe of relaxation to office members. Keep the interior design according to the theme of the office. Try to input high-quality conference room technologies such as speakers, projectors, and electric ports. These are the factors of building a modern conference room interior design.