/Bedroom Interior Design

Bedroom interior design is very much essential for a home interior design. A bedroom is a Private informal space where we sleep and relax. A skilled and experienced interior designer can adequately utilize the area and provide the proper design.

bedroom interior design

There are various ways to change a bedroom’s interior design. The final design depends on your budget and your dreams for home interior design. The bedroom interior design can be as simple as adding a few board panels, lightings, neon lights. It can be as simple as wall art on the bedroom facade.

On the other hand, it can be lavish with an attached terrace, sofas, swings, coffee tables, and more. The ideas can be out of the world. It depends on your budget and the interior designer’s creativity.

 / Types of bedrooms:

TThe design pattern will be different in case of room use. Who uses this room is the most critical factor. Here we discuss what type of design need in each Bedroom: let’s see

1.Master Bed Room:

One of the most imported home spaces is Master Bed Room, which should be considered when you think about interior decoration. Not only increase beauty but also for essential requirement fulfillment, Master BedRoom interior design is very much important. .

Basic requirements of a Master Bedroom Interior Design:

Attractive Bed, Wall Cabinet, Dressing Table, Color, Lightings, Flooring, and Curtain, bedroom wardrobe interior design is also vital for bedroom interior design in Bangladesh. There can be various false ceiling designs for the master bedroom. It depends on the material’s creativity and the budget.

The tv cabinets can be boxed or wall-mounted. If the TV is attached to the wall, then the wall panel design complements the TV.

Some people like to apply artificial grass to the master bedroom. However, such designs are suitable for large master bedrooms. In a small master bedroom, the grass can look out of the place.

For Luxury looks and feel should be added the following items: Wooden Ceiling, Wall Paneling, TV cabinets, and Indoor Green.

Child Bed Room:

Child Bed Room Interior design is another most critical part. For Kids, room design should be considered the following matters: Child Age, Gender and Taste, etc.

Basic requirements of a Child Bedroom Interior Design:

Beautiful Bed, Study Unit, Wall Cabinet, Dressing Table, Painting, Lightings, Flooring, and Curtain

You should add Wooden Ceiling, Wall Paneling/ Sticker Print, and Indoor Green for Luxury looks.

simple bedroom design bd

Guest Bed Room:

This room is also essential for interior design. In most cases, it is the third Bedroom in an apartment.

Basic requirements of a Guest Bedroom Interior Design:

Good-looking Bed, Wall Cabinet, Dressing Table, Color, Lightings, Flooring, and Curtain

For Luxury looks and feel should be added the following items: Wooden Ceiling, Wall Paneling, TV cabinets, and Indoor Green.

 / Factors Consider for Decorating a Bedroom:

Decorate a bedroom from scratch; the following factors should be considered and implement carefully:

1.Plan Properly:

Design all about the plan. Before decorating your Bedroom, you should plan carefully and adequately. It would be best to prepare the different factors of your room, like furniture Placing, Lighting arrangements, colors combination, and other such features.


The wall color of a bedroom can change its appearance completely. Most people will choose a light color to paint their bedroom walls. Light blue/ Apple White is an excellent choice because it helps for proper sleeping. Different types of Bed room’s color combinations will be different.

modern bedroom interior design

3.Lighting Arrangement

Lighting is another significant consideration for bedroom interior designing.

If you have no option in your hand, you never want to place your bed on the window side, partly blocking the light. Mattresses should be placed where the window is not blocked.
Bedroom light considerations include:
· At Ceiling LED Light
· Wall Bracket Light
· Defuse light at ceiling and wall paneling.
· Table Lamps at the bedside
· Curtains must be used in Windows

4. Bed

The bed is the first thing when you are designing a bedroom. The bed must be the combination with the wall color and lighting of a room. The bed should be placed where privacy can be maintained. Bed materials should be Solid wood. The bed things need in a bed:
· Bed
· Mattress
· Pillows
· Bed Sheet

bedroom interior design bd

5. Decoration

Decorating a bedroom to reflect one’s personal style and tastes. Here are a few bedrooms decorative items are given below:
· Carpet: An area carpet can make a bedroom feel comfortable and also absorb sound
· Photo Frame: Photo Frame can be used in Bedroom for Luxury Look.
· Mirror: Should place a large mirror on Dressing Table or Cabinet Palla.
· Books: If anyone wants to keep books in Bedroom, definitely he/ she can do.

6. Seating Arrangement:

A Sofa should be placed in the Bedroom that’s why one can sit and read the book, enjoy a movie or take a cup of Tea.


7. Wall Cabinet:

In a bedroom wall cabinet is very important. Cloth cabinet is designing with the option of Shelf, Hanger, and Drawer, etc. Wall Cabinet should be full height. Then it increases the storage capacity.

master bedroom interior design
 / The Working Features that we are maintaining

• Conceptual space planning

• Layout Plan – 2D

• 3D Visualization

• Detail Working drawings for physical work

•Selection of suitable materials which is the perfect choice for the project

• Quotation Prepare

• Work implementation by top-level Technician and workers

• Site monitoring by experienced Engineers and Architects

• On-time project handover

• Collect Positive Feedback from Client that inspires them for their next projects.

 / Recommended materials that should be used in Bedroom for decoration Purpose:

For Standard Bedroom the following materials should be used:

Bedroom Cabinet/ Wardrobe, Dressing Table, Study Unit, TV Unit:

Option – 1: Burma Teak Veneer Board/ Ply, Gordon Board/ Ply, Polish/ Burnish, Quality Hardware

Option – 2: MDF OAK Veneer Board/ Plain MDF, Lacquer Polish/ Docu Paint, Quality Hardware

Option – 3: Marin Ply, Lacquer Polish/ Docu Paint, Quality Hardware

Option – 4: Plain MDF, Imported HPL Sheet Pasting, Quality Hardware

Except these, if a client wants many other materials can be used in Bed Room interior design

1. Decorative False Ceiling: Burma teak Veneer Board, White Plain Board, Gordon Wood, Polish, Docu Paint are used in bedroom interior design false ceiling.

2. Tiles: General Floor Tiles, Rustic Tiles on wall

3. Lightings Solutions: All LED Light- T5 Tube, LED Spot, Bracket Light

4. Wall Paneling: Burma Teak Veneer Board/ MDF OAK Veneer Board, Polish/ Lacquer Polish/ Docu Paint

5. Wall Paints: Plastic Paint – Luxury Silk

6. Grill Paint: Enamel Paint

bedroom interior design bd

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