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Restaurant interior design is very much important. People are more likely to utilize a restaurant that provides a pleasing environment and good food than a restaurant that is only known for its good cooking to succeed in the restaurant business in Bangladesh.

The Restaurant’s interior design must be as wonderful and appealing as the food that you serve. BD INTERIOR is provided to you by displaying your style and designed Restaurant.

We are ready to get your Restaurant’s stylish and mind-blowing design and hope your customers will love and enjoy it.

BD INTERIOR is a renowned organization engaged in offering restaurant interior design services in Bangladesh. We have well-experienced professional Architects, Interior Designers, and engineers who have ten years of experience in “restaurant interior design”.

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Seating Arrangement:

Seating capacity is very much important for a Restaurant. Every square foot of commercial space is valuable. So, maximum seating arrangement should be the priority that means proper space utilization. Furniture like chair table should be customized that gives your Restaurant unique. Our professional designer team will provide 100% about Space utilization.

A restaurant interior design usually consists of three to four different types of furniture. One popular restaurant interior design idea is to provide bar seating where it is possible.

Apart from that, different types of tables and chairs can make the restaurant’s interior design fascinating. Many of them have booth seating adjacent to a wall, while circular or square tables take the central space of the restaurant.

There are also some innovative seating in the restaurant, which become a photo-taking zone for the customers. Such areas include kings like thrones, swings, innovative tools, etc.

The main benefit of this area is the automatic promotion of your restaurant design on social media. Hence, it can bring in more customers and boost your business from time to time.

Lightings: :

The restaurant lighting helps to create a mood on the restaurant interior design. Its illuminations play a vital role in making your customers feel comfortable in the restaurant. Some common choices for restaurant lighting hanging lights create the right ambiance to make your customers relax.

Along with the brightness, the color temperature of the light is also essential. Usually, yellow light or red light color ranges are suitable for restaurants. These light temperatures make customers feel more comfortable.

A restaurant interior design can also contain tube lights, strip lights, recessed lights, and spotlights. Interior designers from BD interior can use two to three different lights on the restaurant interior design and make the space dramatic.

Lighting plays a vital role in a restaurant’s interior design. You cannot create your Restaurant beautifully without proper lighting arrangement. Defuse, and various types of LED should be used in Restaurant.

Restaurent interior design company

Color combination:

Color combination is another important part of restaurant designing. Color reflects company brand identity. In modern restaurant interior design, you should prioritize soft and soothing colors.

The color applications in the restaurant interior design can affect the psychology of customers. There are many ways to proceed with color combinations.

You can either use bold colors to make the interior design flashy. You can also use white, off-white, or simples colors to bring softness to the interior design. However, improper use of colors can make the interior design disturbing for everyone. The BD INTERIOR team ensures a balance in color usage, making your restaurant welcoming to the customers.

Kitchen Layout:

The restaurant Kitchen is a specialized part. Without prior experience, he/ she cannot perform better restaurant kitchen design. Our experience Team has that much capacity to fulfill your requirements easily.

The kitchen is the heart of restaurant interior design. The restaurant kitchen design is not the same as a residence kitchen design. Here the customers are paying for the food, and they want their food served fresh. A large number of people orders various items from the menu, and they all want fast services.

For working on a large scale, the kitchen has many divisions. One is where the food is stored. There is cold and dry storage in the kitchen. Then there is a large food preparation area. Here the food is cut, clean, and cooked. Then there is a food serving area where the food is decorated and served.

The serving areas are apart from the empty dishes area. So, the fresh food goes out from one end, and the dishes return from the other. In this way, there are many details in a restaurant kitchen design. Here in BD INTERIOR, we ensure you have the best kitchen design to provide the best services to your customer.

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Other Factors:

Apart from this, it would be best to consider many other factors for starting a restaurant: a Restaurant type, Budgeting, Place, Target customer, Children’s play zone, Bathroom design, Flooring, Wall cladding, etc.

 / We offer various types of restaurant interior design in Bangladesh:

• Thai / Chinese Restaurant interior design;

• Small Café interior design

• Coffee Shop interior design

• Fast Food Restaurant interior design

Roof Top Restaurant

• Party Centre/ Convention Hall

• Modern restaurant interior design

• Bar and restaurant interior design

• Unique restaurant interior design

• Small restaurant interior design

• Small Chinese restaurant design

• Bar style seating in restaurant

• Burger restaurant interior design

• Indian restaurant interior design

•Japanese restaurant interior design

cafe interior design
coffee shop interior design

Well skilled workforce:

TWe have ten years plus experience team. So we are very much confident about Restaurant interior design to work execution

Timely execution

Time is money; every time counts. We believe it in our hearts. So we are committed to giving you a timely handover of the project with satisfaction.

Materials selection:

We never compromise our quality. We decorate your space with agreed materials. .

Modular pattern designing:

TModular pattern designing is our priority. Our expert designers are performing this nowadays.

Cost-effective and proper utilization of space Design:

Every space is valuable. So we are trying 100% space utilization cost-effectively.

After-Sales Service:

BD INTERIOR gives at least six months of free service of any technical fault and difficulty. After the free service period, then give service cost to cost basis. We are not making any business profit from after-sales service. Our only concern is keeping our customers’ long-term happy.

 / The Working Features that we are maintaining

• Conceptual space planning

• 2D Furniture Layout Plan

• 3D Visualization

• Working detail drawings

•Work execution by top-level Technician and suppliers

• Selection of material & colors theme

• BOQ Prepare

Work execution by top-level Technician and suppliers

• Handover of the site within the time frame

• Collect Positive Feedback from Client that inspires them for their next projects.

Currently, we are providing restaurant interior design services all over Bangladesh. You can also contact us at any of your convenient times. We are ready to give you better service.