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Office interior design is the most important to both employees and customers. From employees’ point of View, they spend most of the day in an office; it is vital to create a functional, visually appealing, comfortable, and relaxing space, promoting productivity and efficiency of any business organization.

The office space must be free from disturbance where employees can work peacefully. At the same, it should create a connection between them and promote teamwork. Apart from that, modern corporate office interior design must have a relaxing space. The employees can take a short break in this area. An interior designer makes sure the employees are moving around and connecting as well. All these aspects are necessary to raise the productivity of the workers in an office. However, that’s not all, as there are different levels of employees, their seating arrangement must change on each level.

The MD room interior design should be the best among the rest. As the lowers, there is a different seating arrangement for each employee. The Interior designer also needs to make sure there is an adequate bathroom for all the employees.

There should be enough space for file cabinets, storage cabinets, printers, and photocopier machines. The office reception should be welcoming to the guest. There should be some seats in front of the reception. The office interior design also needs a conference room. The room can be big or small depending on the number of employees in the office.

conference room interior design

Our Experienced and Skilled architects and designers are completed and handover the leading high-profile corporate office interior design projects all over Bangladesh.

Everybody knows that a great workplace is the mirror of a business’s core values and objectives, so we only deliver functional and cost-effective office interior design concepts unique to any business organization.

BD INTERIOR has been designing and project implementing many exceptional corporate office interiors since 2010. We find that immersing ourselves in your world enables us to understand the business challenges and workspace limitations.

Our Designers produce several office interior designs in Bangladesh with impressive ideas and test high-performance options to find a state-of-the-art and inspirational solution. That does not only give the business reconstruction it needs but also motivates the team to achieve its goals and objectives.

A well-designed office interior can raise employee productivity by 25% and boost business efficiency rapidly.

As a professional office interior design Company in Bangladesh, we initiate creating a workspace that will help support the brand identity to uphold services and products. That will, in turn, save on employee churn and increase the overall profitability of the particular company.

With the exciting interior design packages from BD INTERIOR, you can use exceptional design products that perfectly match a comfortable working environment.

BD INTERIOR are engaged various type office interior design of different business organization in Bangladesh. Such as:

• Government office Interior Design

• Non-Govt. NGOs office Interior Design

• Financial Institute, Bank office Interior Design

Hospital Interior Design

• School, College, Universities Interior Design

Factory Interior Design

 / Following Area Should be Considered

MD Room/ CEO Room:

The CEO room interior design should be very cozy and Luxury. Furniture of a CEO room should be MD Table with side table, MD Chair with visitor chair, cabinets, Sofa, etc. Decoration should be – decorative false ceiling, Lighting, Wall Paneling, TV unit, etc.

The MD room can have many luxury furniture including sofas and display units. If elegant lights are added in combination with the furniture, the office boss cabin interior becomes the most impressive room of the office.


The workstation area of an office is a significant space. Furniture of a Workstation area should be- Workstation Desk, Executive Chair, file cabinets, etc. Decoration should be – decorative false ceiling, Lighting, Wall Paneling, etc.

Reception area:

The reception area of an office is another vital space. Furniture of a Reception area should be – Reception desk, Executive Chair, Showpiece unit, Sofa, etc. Decoration should be – decorative false ceiling, Lighting, Wall Paneling, etc.

Usually, the reception is one of the aesthetic spaces in an office. It creates an impression on the visitors of the office. The reception usually holds the name and logo of the office.

Hence it forms an image of the office in an instant. Apart from that, the reception is the connecting space between the office interior and the visitors.

It creates a barrier between the visitors and the employees.A reception can have a sofa or small seating arrangements. However, a luxurious reception can take more space and have various seating options.

Conference Room:

A cozy conference room gives an office high value to its customers and stakeholders. Furniture of a Conference Room should be – Conference Table, Conference Chair, Showpiece unit, etc. Decoration should be – decorative false ceiling, Lighting, Wall Paneling, etc.

One relaxing area

Usually, an interior designer finds creative ways to enhance the relaxing area. One common application is the tea and snack corner.

It can be a very small or a large room with sofas and seating. Some office interiors can also have aquariums, pool playing zones, board games, gymnasiums, and other additions.

Office kitchen

Most offices in Bangladesh have a kitchen. It can be a small residence kitchen, where the employees can prepare some snacks while they work.

It could be a large kitchen, particularly for a chef to work on and feed a lot of employees.

Our Working Process of corporate office interior decoration :

• Project visit and measurement taking

• Conceptual proposal Prepare

• 2D Layout Plan prepare

• 3D Visualization where needed

• Detail Working drawings for physical project implementation

• Perfect materials selection and sourcing

BOQ ready and submitted for approval.

• On-time project delivery

• Work execution by top-level Technician and workers

• Site monitoring by qualified Engineers and Interior Designers

 / Why BD INTERIOR office interior design service is your right choice:

Well Experienced Team combination:

We have many well-experienced team combinations of Architects, Interior Designers, and Engineers. Our trained team members help you to deliver an excellent project. That is why you can choose BD INTERIOR.

Maintain Quality and Commitment:

We provide the best quality in every step of project implementation. If you want a better quality interior, you can easily select us.

Creative & innovative minded people:

We have a creative and innovative-minded team who always shows the creativity of their works. This innovative team can your project very special and functional.

We build with quality materials:

If you want to use quality materials in your office project, then call BD INTERIOR. We ensure 100% quality materials.

On-Time project handover:

On-time project handover is our primary objective. We try not to give any hassle to our clients to maintain their plans and schedule.

Value of Money:

We are crystal clear of our work. All modifications are discussed with the client before implementation. We give the value of every single amount of client’s money.

We keep better workmanship:

Proper workmanship is a prerequisite of interior design. Our Skilled and expert Technician gives you better workmanship.

One-stop service system:

You don’t need to run here and there for your interior design project. We provide all types of service in one umbrella – design phase to project handover phase. Just connect us and take our quality service anytime, anywhere.

Guarantee and Warranty:

BD INTERIOR gives a guarantee in a certain period. That’s why our client is always happy with our work

Customer support:

Customer support is the most crucial part of interior design company selection. Our young, capable and dedicated customer service department will give our clients the best quality customer support.