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Establishing a project brief for your new Hotel interior design is the first step in understanding your objectives and functional requirements for your new venture. This all-important document will enable you to prioritize the elements that are key to a successful design. It is also an important element of the Client’s business plan and will be a foundational statement against which you can continuously measure the business success.

BD INTERIOR is known as the best Hotel Interior Design and Resort Interior design as well in Bangladesh. We have talent in balancing good interior design and practical Works implementation; we use our well-experienced Hotel interior designers as key resources and craftsmen in project development. We work with you to create an environment that is not unique to your style and taste, which also has sensibilities with fully functional and includes lifestyle needs.

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BD INTERIOR offers you the best Hotel, Resort, Eco Resort design at a very affordable price. We are experts in this sector. We understand how to tell the story of our clients and support the brand while keeping the budget in mind.

We help create the future workplace, design destinations, create experiences, and build for the future. We have designed and implemented Hospitality interior design – mainly Hotel Interior design all around Bangladesh, such as Dhaka, Chittagong, Cox Bazar, Sylhet, Rajshahi, Khulna, even at the district level. We love what we do.

 / We provide both interior and exterior design services

In hotel interior design, the form, color are vital. One must make sure that the appearance can impress the guests with the exterior at a glance.

For hotel exterior design architecture, we design the building form, exterior materials, propose landscape designs, ventilation of the building, lighting of the building, space design, and amenities design.

Along with that, we also provide interior design services. The interior rooms are where your guest will spend most of the time. Hence, the hotel interior design can have an impact on the customers.

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In our hotel interior design services, we plan the interior layout logically. We make sure the guests find everything within their reach. Here our focus is to make the customers feel comfortable with the surroundings.

In hotel room interior design, we make sure you get the best hotel room layout design. We provide hotel bedroom design, hotel cabinet design, hotel reception design, hotel hot water system design, hotel room lighting design, hotel signboard design, etc.

Along with hotels, we also design similar projects like motels, resorts, eco-resort, hostels, inns, lodges, etc.

We design 5-star hotels in Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Cox Bazar, Gulshan, etc. If you are looking for a hotel design with good services, give us a call, and we will be there .

 / Every design in BD INTERIOR is unique

Hiring BD INTERIOR for your hotel interior design can have many benefits. At first, we will visit the site and understand the context of the location. The environment of the site plays a vital role in the final design. We try to understand the negative and positive impacts of the site and start designing accordingly.

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The site location is like the starting point of the hotel design. From here, we listen to your requirements. We try to understand how you imagine the hotel and add those aspects to our database.

A hotel design can have various styles and patterns. At first, we try to understand your choice before starting with the design. A hotel design in Bangladesh can be modern, traditional, or completely out of the world. Understanding the styles gives us some guidelines to move forward with the project.

 / We plan out the hotel logically

If we have all the information, we can start the hotel interior design. First, a rough plan layout is made by our team. Then we collect all the information about hotel designs and incorporate that into your hotel. Here we try our best to think through every aspect and ensure you have the perfect hotel in Bangladesh.

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If you are in the hospitality business, you need glamour to attract guests to your hotel. We understand that hence we provide aesthetical design proposals for the interior and exterior of the hotel.

Apart from that, your hotel must be functional. If people can’t enjoy their stay in the hotel, then it can affect your hospitality business. So, we try to provide beautiful landscape designs, amenities.

A hotel design plan may include indoor games, outdoor games, playgrounds, indoor playgrounds for children, luxurious restaurant design, lavish cottage design, barbeque area, deluxe bar design, juice bar design, food stall design, gorgeous reception design, fitness center, and more.

 / BD INTERIOR designs within your budget

However, the entire design depends on your budget for the hotel design. BD INTERIOR knows that we need to provide the design within your budget, and we respect that. If you discuss your budget with us, we will offer you proposals that meet your budget.

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We will not compromise the hotel interior design quality for a lower budget. There are some innovative ways to design a building and reduce the cost.

Architecture is an ever-developing world, where new technologies and ideas bring revolution. We are a developing team who like to implement new ideas to the design. If you share your budget, we will propose methods to lower the design cost.

However, the cost depends on particular projects. Hence, it is a subject to discuss when there is a project in hand.

 / We promise quality with excellent finishes

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A hotel design project is teamwork that needs many professionals working together to finish the project. However, finding experts in so many different fields at the same time can be troublesome for anyone.

BD INTERIOR is one of the best interior design companies in the field. Our team is in this field for many years. As a result, we have links to experts to complete projects.

We have connections engineers, botanists, structural engineers, civil engineers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters who have experience. We know they provide quality service. Hence by hiring us, you know you are hiring one of the best professionals in the field.

 / We provide on-time delivery

When you hire us for your hotel interior design, we sign an agreement with the payment and deals in written form. If there is no breach of contract or any other unexpected issues. We promise to provide on-time delivery of the service.

 / BD INTERIOR uses high-quality materials for the project

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On the market, there are various types of materials available for interior design. They all look the same, but the difference in quality is tremendous. Some materials will wear out in a few years, while others will last for decades. Interior design comes with a price, so you want your furniture for a long time.

At BD INTERIOR, we have links to the sources that provide high-quality materials. We want our clients to be happy and remember us for long. To achieve this, we provide good service and quality materials for the hotel interior design.