/Reception  interior design

The reception of an office or an institute is one of the innermost divisions of that institution. The interior decoration of the reception should reflect the organization’s motto, ethics, and norms. When people enter that institution they first visit the reception area so its interior and appearance create the first impression. How do you create an interior design which can give a positive impression to the visitors?

Creating the impression

The first thing that has to be addressed in reception interior design is to create a welcoming impression. The interior design should focus on giving visitors a feel of an inviting atmosphere. So, while designing the interior for the reception you should first plan to create a welcoming environment.

Branding the institution

Remember, a reception is a place where there is an opportunity to brand the company. So, through interior design, you should place certain elements by which the visitors could get a clear idea about the company or where they are. It can be done by placing the logo on the wall or placing the company’s motto.

Design according to the organization

Every commercial institution needs a reception and the design and materials vary from institution to institution. For example, a corporate office needs one kind of reception where the hospital reception interior is designed differently from that. The hotel reception has to give another vibe. So, you have to be sure about the institution before designing the reception interior.

Use uncommon yet formal designs

You should always choose an uncommon design for your reception interior decoration. Because it will draw the attention of the visitors and give them a positive mindset. However, the design should be formal and should be sophisticated. The visitors should get a nice warm feeling while in the reception area

Build a comfortable and cozy area

When guests visit the institutions, they have to wait a certain time in the reception area, so you should build a cozy environment for the guests so that they can enjoy the time and don’t feel like they are waiting in a boring place. You might set up a TV on the wall depending on the institution.

Making the Desk

Several elements go into reception interior decoration, the first is the desk. There are several elements by which you can make a reception desk depending on the budget, the elements could be solid wood, glass, concrete, marble, or tiles. However, in the design, there could be a combination of both. Like, the panels can be made with concrete and the top can be built with glass. The shapes and sizes of the desk can be different according to the space and your imagination.

Arranging furniture

The first thing you need to understand is to match the furniture according to the interior design of the reception area. In general, there is a couch, sofa sets, and seats in the open space and the reception table area. There is also a table in front of the couch or sofa sets.

High-quality materials

materials should be of standard quality so that the furniture doesn’t get old in a short time. Otherwise, replacing them would be a costly matter. Another thing is to place the furniture in an order that doesn’t bother the guests and they can move freely in the area.
Keep a balance between design and comfort

Reception interior design

Sometimes you might set your mind so much on the designs that you don’t notice the comfort factor and vice versa. You have to keep in mind both the factors while doing interior decoration of a reception area. Because you might pull off a fantastic design but it is not comfortable for the visitors it will create a negative impact for them. Besides, you make the place comfortable but the design is not great enough then the visitors will forget about the place.

Show your creativity

As I told you before reception area is the area where people create their first impression so you may show your creativity and give your test to the design. But you should also keep in mind the visitor’s point of view. If you want to involve the visitors with your organization the reception is the best place.

Focus on walls

Creative decoration on the walls of the reception area can be a great idea for showcasing the institution’s engagement with the visitors. First and foremost, you have to do branding of the organization, and generally, institutions use their name, logo, or motto to do that and it can be placed on the wall or the reception desk. Warm coloring or wallpaper can set the welcoming tone and aesthetic arts can give positiveness.

Reception interior design

Keep the natural airflow.

For the reception, it’s generally at the front of the institution, so when you design the interior you should keep the space for natural airflow and lighting system. Otherwise, the environment will be irritating for the guests as they might

Lighting installation

In the reception area, the lighting system should be different from another area of the institution. The lighting should be matched with the outside environment. There should be good positioning of direct and indirect lights. Soft white lights can be perfect for giving the guests a warm welcoming environment. Use natural lighting so that it doesn’t look unusual to the guests.

Built space for doing the desired operation

A reception place is not only about welcoming the guests, but the office staff also works there. So, you have to build a workstation above the reception desk depending on their work. For example, you might need to keep a space for computers, and printers. So, plan your design accordingly.

Use unique elements

You may place some unique elements to the interior design. For instance, you might place small trees around the corners of the room, or place an aquarium so that the visitors get a more friendly vibe from the place.

There are several aspects in which a nice reception interior design can be built. Such as how much are you willing to invest in the reception area? What are your preferences? What will be the purpose of the reception? How much workload the reception has to maintain? If all the criteria meet you will be able to make the interior design of the reception area more soothing and interesting.