Restaurant Interior Design Ideas In Bangladesh

Restaurant Interior Design Ideas In Bangladesh

Restaurant Interior Design In Bangladesh

Do you own a restaurant in Bangladesh? Are you worried about your restaurant interior design?

Interior design is vital for a restaurant business. We all know that. But when we try to change the interior, it feels like a massacre.

You don’t know where to start or where to end. However, interior design is not as complex as it looks.

We are here to share some basic information about restaurant interior design. It will help you to update the interior and give the space a new look.

There are some elements to interior design, such as colour, texture, light, form, pattern, line, and space. If you can apply these properly to the restaurant interior, it will flourish along with your business.

Create a warm welcome for guests

Entrance is one of the most critical factors for designing a space. You have to think from the visitor’s point of view. Make sure the entrance is impressive and welcoming.

You can do this by standing at the entrance yourself and imagining what you want to see. The light chandelier, wall paints, should the entrance be double-height etc.

A false ceiling some warm lights can also help enhance the environment. The primary approach to the restaurant interior design must be warm and welcoming to the guests to imprint a good image.

Use a colour theme to upgrade your space

color usage in restaurant interiro design.jpg

Choosing a particular colour theme is necessary for interior design. Colours attract the eyes of the viewers.

They catch their attention. Hence if there are too many colours in one space, the eyes get disturbed. There should be limited colour application to make the space pleasant.

A combination of neutral colours and bright colours balances the overall appearance of the room. Hence you should pick colour pallets before starting the interior design for your restaurant.

Select two or three different colours and apply them wisely to the interior. If the furniture has a wooden texture, it can also add colour to the interior space. In this case, you can apply a colour that matches the wooden texture.

Add an accent wall

In any interior space, there is a wall that has an exposed façade. It allows interior designers to design the space and make it attractive.

We call this wall accent wall. There are many ways to create an accent wall in restaurant interior design.

You can use wall arts, install boards and lightings or attach wall decorations to make it appealing. If you have a themed restaurant, then you can use the accent wall to enhance your theme.

Apart from that, an accent wall can have textures on the surface. You will find various textures for an accent wall.

Some use texture wall paints. Among these wall paint, there are variations. You can choose smoother, rougher, or sandy wall textures.

Apart from that, there is a way to apply concrete textures on an accent wall. The concrete can be used to create artistic patterns on the wall. Overall these textures change the restaurant interior design completely.

Board panels can be cut in various forms to create patterns on the wall. You can also place tiles of various shapes to make something crafty. When it comes to the focus wall, your creativity is your limit.

Use your location in the design

culture theme restaurant interior design.jpg

When you are designing a restaurant, the location can play a role in the design. Suppose your restaurant is on the Cox Bazar beach. You can use furniture that merges with the surrounding.

Similarly, if the restaurant is in Dhaka, it can have the metro interior theme with lights, music, and other environmental adjustments.

Use a variety of dining areas

various restaurant interior design sitting.jpg

In a restaurant in Bangladesh, various types of seating are commonly seen. You will find corner two sitters for couples, while the ones in between are for at least four or six people.

Usually, a family is as large as six people. So, you might have one or two large tables for six.

Similarly, when there is a get-together, large tables are necessary. However, a table for four or six should be adequate for regular function. If there is a large group, they can combine two or three tables for communal sitting.

Different types of seating arrangements create an exciting interior design. Nowadays, some restaurants have swings, sofas, armchairs and other types of seating.

In some cases, you can use rattan chairs and place seats on the outdoor terrace. Having both outdoor and indoor space in a restaurant interior design makes it more desirable for customers.

Select elegant hanging lights

restaurant interior design lightings.jpg

A restaurant interior design is incomplete without beautiful lighting fixtures. There are tons of hanging lights available in the market.

You have to choose the ones suitable for your restaurant interior design theme. Select lights that merge with your interior design.

For example, if you are going for rattan chairs, you will find many hanging lights made of rattan. If you pick the right ones, they can light up your interior to the visitors.

Apart from the appearance of lights, the light intensity and colour also play an essential role to the guests. There is a light temperature that makes people feel comfortable or focused. Depending on the colour and intensity of light, you can change the environment of the restaurant interior.

Modernize the kitchen

The life of a restaurant depends on its kitchen. Without a good kitchen design, a restaurant cannot function.

In most restaurant designs of Bangladesh, you will notice the kitchen is hidden in a corner. Nowadays a lot of people does not want to eat at restaurants. They question the hygiene standards of restaurants.

However, architecture has the answer to this question. You can try open kitchen layouts in your restaurant interior design.

Not only this is a modern appeal to your restaurant interior, but it can also attract more guests as the food is prepared in front of them. Apart from that, many restaurants use the smell of the food to intrigue more visitors to the restaurant.

Add greenery to the interior

Adding green plants to the interior design is always admirable. The green view lowers stress in people.

Apart from that, green plants purify the air and improve its quality. However, you have to think about green plants maintenance.

If taking care of green plants is not a problem, then you can go for it. Otherwise, you can select artificial ones for the interior.

You can use shelves to hold planter boxes with space or make a wall go green with plant holders.

Some glass plant pots are also famous for interior design these days. In some interior restaurant designs, the planter box can hang from the ceiling.

Final words

These are some common ideas for restaurant interior design. When it comes to interior design, the sky is the limit.

You can be creative, recycle items to enhance your interior space, or use cutleries to make new wall hangings. The possibilities are countless, but we tried to summarize some ideas into these articles.

As time passes by, new interior design ideas will pop up in nearby restaurants. So, don’t settle for what you have. Keep your eyes peeled for the future interior designs you can apply to your space.


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