Do you have a small bedroom? Are you looking forward to improving its outlook and functionalities?

Are you looking forward to useful interior design ideas for your bedroom? Then you are not alone my friend. BD INTERIOR is specialized in home interior design.

We have a vast 12 years of experience in home interior design. From small flats to large flats, we have completed more than 250+ HOME INTERIOR projects all over Bangladesh.

We are here to improve your small bedroom outlook and also improve its functionality with our creative interior design strategies and ideas. You can try these amazing interior design ideas for a small bedroom decorations that will help you to make your small bedroom feel bigger and improve its functionalities.


1. Paint a dark accent wall behind your bed:

It might cook creepy and cramp if you do dark colors like navy and black on every wall of your bedroom. But if you paint one wall of your bedroom behind your bed with a dark shade of black or navy it will look the opposite. Visually dark accent walls create such a vibe that your room appears to be bigger than before.

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2. Minimalistic Design:

Minimal interior decoration and using multifunctional furniture will save a lot of space in your small bedroom. Choosing some amazing artwork that gives natural air and light to come into the bedroom is a great idea to get rid of suffocation.

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3. Do not forget to use your wall:

As you are dealing with a small space. You need to be taken care of every space of your bedroom and try to make the best use of every corner. You are searching for space for your small bedroom; did you think that if you use your wall properly you can save a lot of space in your room? You can make a floor to ceiling shelves for maximizing your wall storage. You can use the hooks and basket to keep your clothes.

4. Use a storage Bed:

Using a storage bed is a great idea to save space in your small bedroom. You can use it as a wardrobe at the same time. You can check out some amazing storage beds on Pinterest which will definitely blow your mind.

5. Use a painting that can act as a window:

Paintings are a great idea to decorate your room. Rather than using too many paintings use one big painting on a wall which will help your room feel less cluttered. Choose a painting cleverly such as a natural view, or a snowfall view. This type of painting can act as a window visually.

6. Use a mirror:

Mirroring is a great idea to make your room feel bigger with its reflective power. The mirror can be used to bounce back natural light if you have one window in your bedroom.

7. Use neutral colors:

If you have a small bedroom and you want that you won’t feel suffocation. The color selection is very important. You should use neutral colors such as off-white, light blue, and sky colors. This will create fresh vibes in your bedroom and as result, you won’t feel suffocation.

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8. Use bunk bed:

You do not have enough space to place another bed what will you do? You can use a multifunctional bunk bed. The bunk bed is a great idea if you are a family man who is blessed with a child. You can use this bunk bed in a guest room also. You can make the most out of a bunk bed during a family function where many guests need to stay during that function.

9. Create a focusing point:

Choose one focusing part of your room; it can be behind your bed. Or it could be the wall in front of your door, when a visitor first comes to visit your bedroom; he should look forward to the wall first. Use some decorative materials to décor that wall so that guest who comes to your place focus on that wall only rather than the room size.

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Are you ready to décor your small bedroom? We have given some awesome small bedroom interior design ideas. Can you tell us, which one you would like to use for your small bedroom? If you are still confused, do not forget to contact us. Our dedicated interior design teams are always ready to help you with their amazing interior design ideas. For more bedroom ideas you can check our bedroom interior design portfolio which will further help you to expand your knowledge about bedroom interior design.


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