Best color combination for your bedroom interior design

Best color combination for your bedroom interior design

Best color combination for your bedroom interior design

Have you ever thought that you are watching a horror movie and you are having the same emotion as the character having one that movie? It is the color combination of the scene in that movie that makes us feels so. Color is responsible for driving our mood into different emotions. That’s where the movie director plays tricks on us. They create such an environment using a different color combination that where we could not resists our mind to feel the character of the movie.

When it comes to bedroom interior design, you will have to be very careful while you are choosing the perfect color combination for your bedroom. The bedroom is the most precious space in your house. The color combination of your wall reflects your personality and persona of yours. But it is not easy to choose the perfect color combination for your bedroom if you are doing interior design for the first time. In this blog, we would like to suggest you some different color combination ideas for your bedroom interior design so that you can have a clear thought to choose the right color combination.

Small 1 Bedroom flat interior design ideas1. Indigo and white:

Indigo and white can be a great color combination for your bedroom. The bedroom environment should be appealing and warm. As indigo is slightly warmer than blue it fulfills the requirement of a warm environment on the other hand white indicates the classic nature of your bedroom. You can use the shades of indigo and white but for an aesthetic and classic view use white color at least 70%.

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2. A mixture of Brown and cream:

Brown mixed up with cream beautifully. This combination will give your room a unique and elegant look of your bedroom. You can use a dark wooden color wall with this color combination; behind your bed will increase your bedroom elegance by 2 times.

bedroom interior design in Bangladesh

3. Shades of Lavender and Off-white

This color combination has a separate fan base in modern days. For the person who likes to sleep this is can be a perfect color combination for their bedroom wall. The shade of lavender and off-white (which is a neutral color in nature) creates a calm and quiet environment in the bedroom which promotes sleep.

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4. Use Light blue and radiant yellow:

These two colors are bright in nature which indicates happiness and energy. If this color combination evolves around you it will create charming environments around you.

5. Shades of grey:

Grey is a neutral color in nature. The advantage of using is this color that it can be blended with its own shades. The shades of grey are a monochromic color that will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house.

modern master bedroom interior design in Bangladesh

6. Combination of Light brown and light green:

It is not necessary that the bedroom paint color should steal the spotlight. More than a great look you need a relaxing environment. A combination of light green colors might not be eye catchy but it will make a natural and earthy environment for your bedroom.

7. Combination of pink and white:

Pink and white color mixes well with each other. The luxurious nature of pink enhances the brightness of your bedroom. Girls are very fond of this color combination. We have designed more than 500+ girls’ bedroom interiors in Bangladesh; believe me, 90% of girls want a combination of pink and white color combination for their bedroom decoration.

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8. Lime green and whiskey pink:

This combination of colors gives you energetic and fresh vibes every time when you enter the bedroom. This color is a perfect choice for those who like to stay close to nature.

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Choosing the right color is always important while you’re doing interior design for your dream home, especially it’s come to bedroom interior design it becomes trickier. Suppose you have consulted an interior design company, the first question they will ask is “do you have any preferred color combination in mind?” If you know the preferable color combination, it will save you a lot of time, as well as it will help your interior designer to design your bedroom using your preferable color. We have given some best possible color combinations for your bedroom interior design; I hope these will help you to choose the right color combination for your bedroom interior design. Still confused?? Do not hesitate to contact us. Our dedicated interior design team is always ready to give you free consultancy according to your need.


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