Child Room Interior Design-The Basics

Child Room Interior Design-The Basics

Child Room Interior Design-The Basics

Are you looking for a new design for your child’s bedroom? Look no further because we are here to share the basics of child bedroom interior design.

Every bedroom consists of a bed, study table, a closet, etc. However, the interior design brings personal elements to the atmosphere, making the space more suitable.

If we are designing a child’s bedroom, we will take the child’s psychology into account. For example, a child would like to see many bright colors on the wall.

It is an expression of the playful nature of the child. However, the same does not apply to an adult. Even if it is a cheerful person, the methods to use colors are different.

The kid’s bedroom interior design is vital for their psychology and mental development. Hence, the interior design should be such that it helps the child to think out of the box and be creative.

Selecting the kids room colors

kids room color and ideas.jpg

At first, take your child’s interest in mind. Is there any particular cartoon character he is fond of, or if he likes butterflies or ice cream? The kid’s interest gives the interior designer a point to start the design.

These elements help designers to choose the kid’s room colors. Apart from that, you will also need a design theme. If the kid’s interest is in ice cream, you can select an aqua color. From here, you can choose patterns like the ocean, frozen mountains, etc.

On the other hand, a red-yellow color shade can bring in themes like a volcano, fire-breathing dragon, or related to a superhero theme your kid likes.

Add educational interior wall design

child room playzone and educational wall design.jpg

The child room interior design can be fun yet educational. One method to apply this idea to the room is by adding a black pinboard on the wall.

Here the child can pin their favorite photos, cartoon characters, or 3d letters for education. You can also use wall stickers in the kid’s room interior design.

The stickers can be geographical, science, or educational alphabets. Depending on your child’s age, you can select the wall stickers for your kid’s bedroom.

Make the child room plan layout

child room furniture and design ideas.jpg

Before you start applying colors and deciding the child furniture, you have to start with a plan. It helps you utilize maximum space and make decisions.

When you are doing this, select a large area for the kid to play around. Find spaces for cubbies and other storage.

Remember, kids can easily make a mess of the room. To keep it to a minimum, you need lots of storage space.

You can design custom beds where the space below the bed can act as storage. Use wall-mounted storage options. Full height furniture can maximize the space usage, but keep in mind your child cannot reach higher places.

It is best if you teach your child to organize things from childhood. Hence keeping small cabinets are better for this purpose.

Child room furniture design

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You may think a furniture size is right for your kid, but a child develops too fast for adults to grasp. He will outgrow the furniture you bought for him before you even know it.

It is wise to buy furniture that is a bit bigger than his required size. So, they will fit in better with the furniture sizes.

Apart from that, also buy a study table for your kids. You can provide it with storybooks to use the table. It will help build a studying habit when he is young.

Start designing your child room

kids room color kids room furniture.jpg

If you have the plan and the theme, you can start designing the interior of your child’s room. At first, you need to find a focal point for the room.

It can be the accent wall, a huge painting, or the childbed. You can get an innovative custom childbed. If you research on the internet, you will find mesmerizing ideas.

There are bed designs with princess themes, superhero themes, playground themes, and more. Some beds are like tents, while others are like slippers and puzzle games.

One of these beds will keep your child running around with excitement. Apart from that, you can also try bright, soft rugs and creative wall paintings for the kid.

Select the rest of the elements for the child room

kids room design with a theme.jpg

You have a plan and a theme for the kid’s room interior design. Now select the carpet for the kid’s room interior design, the curtains for interior design, wall stickers, and the rest.

These elements must match with the focus of the room. One clever way is to use tint and shades of the color to the rest of the room.

If you have blue color on the bed, you can use light blue on the curtains and dark blue on the rugs. In this way, you can stay in a theme and enhance the kid’s interior design.

The must-have elements for kids room interior design

So, you know how to design your kid’s room. However, there are some must-have details for the child room.

Kid’s room ceiling light

Child Room Interior Design-The Basics

Night light for the child’s room is a common choice by parents. The soft light allows them to sleep without being scared of the darkness.

If you want the night light to be creative, you can buy globes for your child. These globes project stars and galaxies throughout the room.

It creates a soft light that makes things visible in the room. At the same time, you can teach your children about stars and galaxies while they sleep.

Sleeping cove


If your kids have siblings, a sleeping cove is a must for them to bond. Usually, these are tent-like canopies with soft lights. They can sit inside the tent to talk and spend quality time together.

Create a creative corner

Kids are creative, and the more you let them explore, the better it is for their mental growth. You can add a corner for them to paint, place art pieces together, or other ideas.

Use PVC in this area to cover the walls and the floor. Most paints and colors get off PVC material with ease. So, you can let your child explore with colors without worrying about a mess.

Keep a dumping furniture in the room

kids room color and design.jpg
kids room color and design.jpg

You know that your kid will dump around toys on every corner of the room. It is best not to stop them, and this is a part of their growth.

One of the wise decisions is to use a dump box to pick and dump all the toys together. It makes things easier to handle. You can make a beautiful toy chest where you can keep all of them together.


These are some of the basics of child room interior design. However, there are many kid’s room interior design ideas.

The child bed is the large furniture of the room. It can alone set the theme for the interior design.

So, choose the bed wisely before proceeding with the design. You can also make a custom bed for your child.

If you do, it is best to consult an interior designer from the start. Generally, they are aware of these design trends, and they can help you select something posh.


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