Drop Ceiling design used in Bangladesh

drop ceiling design

A drop ceiling design is vital for an interior design. There are many advantages of installing it in a house or office.

If you want these benefits in your home, then installing one is a must. However, there is more to learn about the false ceiling design than just its benefits.

There are different types of drop ceiling depending on their fitting and material. In this article, we are going to share information about the different types of false ceilings.

Different types of drop ceiling design

You can differentiate a drop ceiling in many ways. One of them is classifying them with materials.

In practice, various types of materials form a drop ceiling design. If you are looking forward to installing one, knowing about the options can be handy. Here is a list of different types of false ceilings according to the making materials.

Gypsum false ceiling board

Gypsum is a chemical that contains sulfate, calcium, and other minerals. It is lightweight, has thermal insulation, and has fire-resisting properties. All these make it an ideal material to be used in the false ceiling design.

It is available in white, red, brown, yellow, and grey colors. When installing a drop ceiling, a metal framework hangs from the original roof.

Gypsum boards cover these frameworks to finish the drop ceiling design. Applying laminate paint on it can make it look even better.

You can also apply wallpapers and textures to the gypsum board. Since the material is soft, you can cut it into interesting shapes for interior designs. Similarly, it can be shaped, stepped, curved and coffered to make them artistic.

Metal drop ceiling design tiles

 metal false ceiling inteiror design

Metallic ceilings are usually made of aluminum and galvanized iron. They are easy to maintain and give off a shiny appearance. Hence they can enhance the aesthetics of the room in many ways.

As metals are durable and solid, they need little maintenance after installation. Fitting them and removing them is easy. Hence, it makes it easier to fix electric lines and pipes. Although metals are hard materials, their finishing can be in different ways to increase the aesthetic appeal of the false ceiling.

PVC board drop ceiling design panels

Drop Ceiling design used in Bangladesh

PVC is a popular plastic material that has many uses. It stands for polyvinyl chloride.

PVC is famous because it is a cost-effective material. Using it for a false ceiling design can also save some money in your pocket.

Apart from that, it is easier to install PVC panels and maintain them. Like most other materials, it is lightweight and can be cut and shaped easily for drop ceiling .

Another advantage of PVC panels is that it is resistant to termites, UV rays, and moisture. PVC materials can be cut and shaped in many ways to design the false ceiling panel.

Fiber drop ceiling tiles

If you are looking for a soundproof drop ceiling design, then a fiber ceiling is your choice. However, to achieve this property, you need a mixture of bitumen, wood, tar, stones, vegetable fiber.

The mixture makes the false ceiling tough, moisture-resistant, and solid. As a result, it is a suitable material for use in commercial spaces.

You will find fiber ceilings in offices, shopping malls, showrooms, etc. These ceilings are trendy in commercial projects due to their low-cost construction, easy installation, and functions.

Although fiber ceilings have many functions, they lack the aesthetic quality their alternatives can provide. Hence, you won’t find them in residential and other projects where appearance is vital.

Wooden false ceiling panels


Wood texture has a natural aesthetic appeal to its viewers. It is easy to install them with screws and nails.

Apart from the nice textures, you can also paint them in different shades of colors. Wooden false ceiling panels are sophisticated and rich, which makes them expensive.

Wooden panels are hollow blocks that are vulnerable to termites and warping. It is suitable for cold climate regions. However, it is still famous in our country due to its glamor.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly ceiling design, then it is not for you. It is one of the most expensive false roof options. But, if you think you have the bank balance, then you can go for it.

Plaster of Paris false ceiling models

tv unit false ceiling inteiror design

Both residential and commercial projects use plaster of Paris for the ceiling. It is a modification of gypsum.

When gypsum is heated to evaporate all its water content, it dries into a powder form called the Plaster of Paris. During construction, water is added to the powder to harden it. Hence it is easy to use in ceiling structures.

It is a good insulator, is durable, and needs low maintenance. Apply smooth and curvy finishes to this material. It makes it possible to use them with creative patterns.

POP is also a great material to enhance the light conditions of the room. The material tends to crack over time, which makes it troublesome to use in interior design.

Glass ceiling panels

Glass is a good material for drop ceiling designs. You will find it in restaurants, jewelry, libraries, book stores, etc.

One of the advantages of glass ceilings is that the room looks big due to its transparency. Although glass is brittle, you can control this property by combining additives.

Glass is a material to improve the aesthetics of the room. Additionally, you can add colors, laminate patterns to make it look crafty.

There are various ways to use glass ceiling to get the design you want. The interior designer has to be creative about this matter.

On top of that, glass is a good insulator. Hence it can aid in maintaining the temperature of the room.

Fabric drop ceiling covering

If aesthetics is a crucial factor, then you can try installing fabric ceilings. Its main purpose is to enhance the appearance of the room.

You will find fabric ceilings in exhibitions and events where it is temporary. It is easy to apply synthetic materials to the roof. As a result, you can design them any way you want. Complex designs are possible on this type of drop ceiling .

However, like other drop ceiling designs, the fabric roof is not functional. As a result, you will find it most in temporary installments.

Final words

As you can see, there are different types of false ceilings that you can install in the interior of your room. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Hence you have to consider this before deciding which one you want to install.

It also depends on the area and surroundings of your room. By considering the room, your budget, taste, and design, you can select one false ceiling from above.


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