Duplex House in Bangladesh -an Overview

Duplex house in Bangladesh

Have you seen a duplex house in Bangladesh? They are becoming more common in Bangladesh nowadays.

In Bangladesh, where there are high populations and space scarcity, a duplex is a beautiful answer to the problem. Unlike residences, duplex shares common space with the neighborhood, so it saves enough room for everybody.

Although the term duplex house is typical in our society, there is still a lot of confusion about its meaning. People are not clear about the difference between a duplex and a residence or a villa.

Hence we are here to help you understand the meaning of a duplex house. Suppose you are planning to build one in the future. Then, it will help you to communicate with the architect better regarding the matter.

What is a duplex house?

Duplex House in Bangladesh -an Overview

When you ask for a duplex house plan, it is a shared space with two different units. The kitchen and dining space are shared.

Duplex house is a two-storied building. Its central area forms the living room, where they are divided by the entrance. The entrance to the first floor may also have two different entries.

There may be a single owner to the duplex who can live or sell the entire duplex. Generally, the bottom floors consist of the living room, kitchen, and dining space. The bedrooms are located on the upper floor, which gives them more privacy.

In any case, a duplex must be a two-storied building. If there are more floors on the building, it is called a multiplex.

A duplex is a good option for many, as one can rent it to people who need it. It is especially true for building with two separate entries.

How many types of Duplex houses are there?

A duplex house consists of two different units. It can be divided between two floors, or it can be separated via the two entries.

Standard duplex house:

duplex house in bangladesh two storied

In a standard duplex house, the lower floor consists of a kitchen, dining, and living. The upper floor consists of a master bed and a childbed. The two-unit is separated vertically which each unit has its stairs.

Ground duplex house

duplex house in bangladesh with garden

A ground duplex consists of the bedrooms on the ground floor. The rooms usually open to a garden where there is a connection to nature.

People who prefer greenery and pets usually select this type of duplex. The living room, dining room and kitchen all lie on the first floor of the building.

Low rise duplex house

A low rise duplex house needs less space than the rest of the types. It has an attic on the second floor. The balconies of the small duplex are spacious.

Why should you build a duplex house in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is a country with a high population and limited space. Hence, a space-saving duplex can be the best option for many.

First of all, the shared space with society helps you to connect with people. A duplex space brings openness to the inner room.

On top of that, as the two units are divided, owners can rent one unit to tenants. It can bring back some cash to his pocket.

At the same time, there are some legal benefits to building a duplex house in Bangladesh. Apart from that, you can use the second unit in many ways. For example, some people may update the unit into a home office if they need.

How many rooms can a duplex have?

Duplex House in Bangladesh -an Overview
stair design for duplex house

Duplex is meant to save space. However, the number of rooms depends on the location where it is built. If you build a duplex in Dhaka city, where limited space, you may have to settle with fewer rooms.

On the other hand, if you are building the duplex on the outskirts of Dhaka, where there is more space, more rooms are possible. In some cases, if the rooms are smaller than usual, you may have a more significant number of rooms.

What are the benefits of duplex houses in Bangladesh?

There are three main benefits of a duplex house in Bangladesh

First, it allows you to rent one unit and earn some cash.

Second, you can use it to make your home office.

Third, a large family can own a duplex if they want to stay together yet have some privacy.

What are the disadvantages of a duplex house in Bangladesh?

There are three drawbacks to a duplex house;

Duplex house is built with common walls to save space. However, it causes sound transmission from one point to the other. Hence duplex houses can be noisy.

Although the duplex house is becoming popular, it isn’t easy to find one for rent yet.

Renting one unit of the duplex can be troublesome, as there is everyday dining and living space. Moreover, tenants can find it a privacy bridge. Hence it can be challenging to find one if you want.

Is the duplex house the same as a two-storied building?

A duplex must be two-storied, but all two-storied buildings are not duplex. So there is a difference between the two.

In traditional two-storied buildings, there is no shared space between the two units. Instead, each unit is entirely individual.

Is the duplex house the same as the villa?

A villa usually takes up ample space and is considered to be luxurious for living. The idea is mainly for people who want complete privacy.

It came from the Roman era when the prominent families moved to villas during summer for comfort. In a villa, you will usually find bars, pools, a gym, a clubhouse, etc., so that the guests can enjoy their time.

However, nowadays villas are also built in the cities where people can afford them. With this in mind, villas require larger space than the duplex.

Both villa and duplex houses are used for residential purposes, but villas are more lavish, and duplex is space-saving. However, a duplex does not consist of amenities.

The purpose of a villa is to be luxurious and comfortable, while a duplex house saves space and is cost-effective.

What is the difference between a townhouse and a duplex?

A duplex has only two different units, but a townhouse can have many divisions. Usually, a duplex has one owner who rents the space to a tenant.

But townhouse units are owned by separate individuals. So, townhouse owners can change the property as they please. However, a duplex tenant needs permission from the owner before updating it in any way.

Which one should I choose, a duplex or a flat?

Both a duplex house and a flat have their benefits and downfalls. A duplex house in Bangladesh needs more maintenance which can be costly.

If you get a flat, then the interior space is limited to you. You don’t have to share any room with the neighborhood.

If you like privacy and want to sell your property in the future, getting a flat is the right option. On the other hand, if you like openness, sharing space, and renting rooms, then a duplex is your option.

What is the difference between a duplex house and a penthouse?

A penthouse is usually a living unit on the top floor of a multistory apartment. These are generally costly as being on the top floor gives them a better view of the surroundings. It consists of everything a regular unit has.


As you can see, a duplex house in Bangladesh is different from other types of residents. The benefits and drawbacks of the duplex house are right in front of you.

Now it is up to you to decide if you want to build a duplex house in Bangladesh or not. If you are, we suggest you contact experienced architects. Discuss your needs with them so that they can plan the duplex house according to your requirements.


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