Flat Interior Design Ideas in 2021

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Flat Interior Design Ideas in 2021

Have you tried changing your flat interior design? Changing the flat interior once in a while can freshen your mind. It makes the space delightful and also gives you the feeling of being in a new environment.

Here we are talking about both the arrangement of furniture and changing the wall, lights, etc. Applying a unique idea can transform your home interior completely.

If you are looking for a fresh interior design, this article can guide you in the process. Here we are going to share some tips and tricks to change your flat interior design.

Select a Flooring Idea for Apartment Interior Design

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The flooring acts as a canvas for interior design. Hence it is a good starting point to design your flat. Choose a carpet that reflects your personality.

Select a carpet that complements the floor tiles of the room. There are many design ideas for the flooring.

Bright red carpet on off-white tiles can create a contrast. White tiles with grey rugs can be a color distinction on the floor.

I don’t recommend a white carpet for flat interior design. You see, rugs are difficult to clean regularly. White can easily catch spots and make it looks dirty.

Apart from that, carpets can be soft and grass-like, while others can have plain surfaces. There are varieties of rugs with different softness and texture in the market.

When choosing a carpet, think of the activity in the room. Don’t use furry rugs in an active area of the room.

You see, furry carpets attract more dust. Hence choose where and why you want to place a rug. A rug in a drawing-room can give off a posh appearance. However, a small furry carpet is the better choice for your bedroom.

Select the Furniture of the Room


After the flooring, it is time to place the furniture in the room. Look at the colors you chose for the floor of your flat interior design. Is it red, orange, or green? Use a tint of that color on the furniture as well.

Suppose you have an orange carpet. An off-white sofa may look nice on top of it. However, to keep a link between the two. You can change one pillow cover to orange.

Overall if you look at it, the off-white color calms your mind, while the pop color makes the space interesting. If you put these elements in one place, your interior design is almost complete.

Similarly, when you are thinking of the bedroom, use the bed instead of the sofa. Color one pillow orange and you have the theme of your interior design ready.

Lighting Decisions for Flat Interior Design


Lighting is one of the key elements that affect the mood of visitors in a room. You can use recessed lights, panel lights, hanging lights, strip lights, tube lights, pendant lights, and more.

The lighting options for interior design are enormous. If you want to add a false ceiling to your interior design, some recessed light for ambiance is good enough.

A chandelier at the center of the drawing-room can appear tasteful. However, in the bedroom, a ceiling fan is a common scenario in our country.

You can find a ceiling fan and light combination for the interior design. Use this fixture to cope with both necessities. However, you need to select a device that merges with the rest of the room.

Wall Interior Design for a Flat

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Walls are one of the essential parts of interior design. It helps to draw the attention of the viewers in a room, making the entire space appealing.

You can apply many ideas to update the wall-interior design. One of the popular methods is to install boards. Other than that, you can apply texture paint to the wall.

Once again, the options to apply textures are tremendous. You can use a sandy texture or rough concrete texture with various patterns.

Similarly, there are many wood patterns available on onboard panels. Wood counts as a luxury material. Hence it is a superb option for interior design.

Apart from these, you can use wallpapers and wall painting to improve a wall. Spotlights highlight the accent wall. It makes the wall more noticeable when someone enters the room.

Use Room Combos to Create a Unique Flat Interior Design

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Some room combinations are common in Bangladesh for interior design. The dining room and dining room is a famous example of this.

Keeping these rooms together gives them more room and enhances the space. Usually, a partition or a see-through curtain divides the two in apartment interior design.

Here you have the option to design creative partitions in between the two. The divider can act as decor for both rooms, the dining and the living room.

Similarly, you can have an open kitchen in the flat. It connects the dining room and the kitchen.

It makes the room look bigger. At the same time, it makes it easier to serve food to the guests.

You can form a bar-like serving area for family members. In this way, your dining room can serve more food to people when there is a large gathering.

If you do, go for an open kitchen, don’t forget to use a kitchen hood above the stove. You see, Bangladeshi food is spicy, and its smell can disturb people sometimes. A kitchen hood can keep the interior air fresh while making your flat interior design elegant.

Keep the air Fresh in the Natural Ways


Speaking of fresh air in the room, you can place some indoor plants in the corners of the room. These plants can survive with little sunlight on them. Hence they are a suitable choice for apartment interior design.

Some popular plants are snake plants, money plants, aloe vera, spider plants, and more. However, if you want to keep live plants, you need to maintain them.

Research on the internet a bit to see which plants are easy to maintain. Some require watering per week, while others need it every three weeks.

Depending on how much free time you have, you can keep one indoor plant in the house. Indoor plants purify the air and uplift the flat interior design. Hence, they are a lovely addition to your home.


These are some apartment interior design ideas for you. Although these are some basics, they will give you some starting point for the entire flat.

There are many creative ideas to try out in interior design. The world of interior design is vast. All those ideas cannot be confined to one article.

Hence, keep checking out the new trends in interior design. So, you can update your room before your neighbors can.


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