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Living room design in bangladesh

What do you think about your home interior design in Bangladesh? It is a good idea to change the home interior once in a while.

However, finding the right home interior design in Bangladesh can be tricky. Many interior design companies are running successfully. Hence it is tough to select one of them and hire them for the job.

If you are looking forward to home interior design in Bangladesh, you should know the basics of architecture. It will help you to communicate with interior designers about your project. So, we are going to share some essential information about home interior design in Bangladesh.

Separate different areas of the house

First of all, your home has various zones, like the private zone, semipublic zone, and the public zone. The bedroom lies in the personal area where you don’t want any visitors to bother you.

The public zone is the area where guest spends their time, like the living room. The semipublic location is where visitors are allowed for a short while, like the dining area.

As you can see, the public zone should link to the entrance, and the private area should be somewhere inside the plan. The semipublic location should connect the two areas in between. If we got that right, let us start which each room of the home interior design.

Living room interior design

living room design

In Bangladesh, we often address the living space as the drawing-room. Usually, the guest arrives and relax in this room.

The interior design of the drawing-room represents how guests see us. It puts an impression on visitors. Hence the interior design of the living room is vital.

Depending on your budget, you should plan a lavish interior design for this room. Interior design is not only about looks.

It is about function, comfort, and your personality. Yes, you heard me right; without a touch of your personality, a room design cannot be unique

You can try adding a false ceiling or exposed ceiling to the living room. A dropped ceiling has many benefits in the interior space.

Select a theme for interior design and apply it to every room of the house. Make sure all the design elements complement one another.

Dining room interior design

Sometimes guests are invited from the living room to the dining to for hospitality. In the dining area, a family usually sits together to have dinner. It is the place where the family can connect. Hence the interior design of the dining room needs care and warmth.

You can add warm lights to the dining room that influences the conversation. A simple dining room can have some wall decorations.

Apart from that, beautiful furniture can also lighten up the space. In architecture, a diameter of five feet can trigger conversation among people.

You can select a circular, square, or rectangular table to influence the family members. The dining table design and shape must merge with the dining space appearance.

For example, a circular table can complement circular or rings lights. Find chairs of similar shape to fuse with the interior design theme.

Kitchen interior design

Kitchen inteiror design in bangladesh

A kitchen is the heart of home interior design. It is the most critical part of the house. If it does not work right, it can affect your family’s health.

The kitchen is where the food is prepared. Hence it must be neat and clean. The kitchen alone must be divided into different zones.

Food preparation needs food cleaning, cutting, and cooking. These activities require proper setups and zoning. Only then the kitchen remains clean, and one can serve healthy food to your family.

Please make sure these zones are separated so that one can work efficiently in the kitchen. Another thing you must do is keep the dining room and the kitchen adjacent to each other.

As food is served in the dining room, distance can make it difficult to carry food or spoil room floors in the process. So, these two rooms are kept as close to each other as possible.

Bedroom interior design

Home interior design in Bangladesh

A bedroom is a place where you relax and spend most of your time. Hence, this room should have an excellent quality as well as your personal touch.

Every person has a different taste. You can select to paint a wall with a color you like or add decorations you prefer. The personality touch can decide how you arrange the furniture and create the atmosphere of the room.

For example, I like having movie time during the weekends. Hence my bedroom consists of a two-sitter sofa opposite the movie screen. A small coffee table is right in front of the seat.

On the table, I keep the remote, popcorns, and drinks. I spend most of the time on this seat. My friends might visit me at the weekends, where the two sitter plays an essential role.

Similarly, if you like reading, drawing, singing, or any other activity, you can create a small corner in the bedroom where you can spend most of your time.

Balcony Interior Design


Another vital space of home interior design is the balcony. Unfortunately, a lot of people in Bangladesh fail to understand its necessity. They prefer to keep the balcony as small as two feet, but they are unaware of the health risks they welcome by doing so.

First of all, the balcony is vital for the airflow in the house. Your home is built with walls that block air passage to the interior space.

You need fresh air to breathe and remain healthy. It Keep your body fit.

To get fresh air to your home interior design, you need enough airflow. Some people also place indoor plants to purify the air.

The balcony is an ideal location for these indoor plants. Apart from that, in Bangladesh, we dry our clothes under the harsh sun rays. Once again, the balcony plays a vital role in this function.

You should always keep a spacious balcony as much as you can afford. If so, then you can use it as a relaxing place where you can connect with nature.

It usually provides a clear view of the sky. A small vertical garden and a comfortable chair, it becomes the best place to relax.

Bathroom Interior Design

Bathroom interior design ideas

Bathrooms are usually the smallest part of the house, but they are still crucial in interior design. A bathroom works best if it is attached to a bedroom.

However, for home interior design in Bangladesh, one standard toilet is accessible from the public or semipublic zone. It is because people usually don’t like to invite guests to their bedrooms. In case if a guest needs to go to the washroom, one bathroom should be accessible to him.

All the bathrooms must have proper ventilation. At the same time, their position should be on the east and west side of the house.

In Bangladesh, there should be adequate space for cleaning clothes in the bathroom. A separate zone for the water closet and shower box in the bathroom.

Family living Interior Design

Family living is not a common concept in residential interior design. However, that does not take away its importance.

It is mainly designed to bring the family together. A family living is a space where the family can spend time together and bond with one another.

A large screen TV wall is expected in this area. Many families tend to watch movies together during the holidays.

Apart from that, there could be board games, sofas, or informal sitting in this room. It is a room where the interior designer can be creative to bring people together in one place.

Final words

As you can see, there are several things to consider before going for a home interior design in Bangladesh. These are some of the key points an interior designer keeps in mind before designing a house.

Although we have shared this vital information, there are still many things only professionals know. Hence we suggest you contact the best interior design company in Bangladesh before redesigning your home.


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