False ceiling design ideas


Are you planning to add false ceiling design ideas to your interior? If you do, then what type of false ceiling design are you going to add.

There are different types of false ceiling design ideas with their pros and cons. You should consider your space before installing it there. The room you have can act as a guide to the material and design.

A vital aspect of a false ceiling is its aesthetic quality. Interior designers can design it in many ways to make it appealing to the viewers.

As there are infinite options, it can be hard to finalize a design concept. In this article, we are going to share some false ceiling design ideas for your space.

Single layered false ceiling

When a person enters the room, usually the first thing they notice is the ceiling. Hence a lot of people prefer an artistic roof.

A single-layer ceiling can be simple, matching the original roof. It makes it appear as one part of the other. Alternatively, it can be contrasting to bring excitement to the environment.

To achieve this theme, you can use colors, texture, shapes to attract all attention to the false ceiling. It is especially effective if the room is small. As the roof draws all the attention, they are unlikely to realize the room is small.

Pop false ceiling

False ceiling design can also have some exposure to the original roof. It is another way to craft it.

When parts of the roof are open, the false ceiling appears popping out of the surface. It creates a fun visual feeling for the visitors.

However, if you want to apply this style to the interior design, it requires a lot of planning. Once again, space, surroundings, materials are factors that need consideration for this to work.

Consult with an interior designer regarding your space. At first, select a design for the false ceiling, and then discuss with the professionals to see if it is possible in real life.

Coffered ceiling

A coffered ceiling consists of box frames that sink in places to create an amusing design. Like the pop ceiling, some parts can fall back while others remain on the same surface as the false ceiling.

As this effect is possible, an interior designer can use this method to make striking patterns. Apart from the decorative approach, this design style also makes the ceiling look higher. So, if you want a false roof that is appealing and yet looks high, then a coffered ceiling is the right choice.

False ceiling design ideas
multilayered false ceiling design

Multilayered false ceiling

If you have a large room, then you can try installing a multilayer false ceiling. As the name suggests, it creates multiple layers of fancy roofs.

Of course, you need a ceiling height that is sufficient for this interior design. Having multiple layers allows you to have a luxurious false ceiling.

There is more option to be artistic in this type of roof design. Let your creativity flow, and design the roof any way you want.

Additionally, having multiple layers means you can be creative with fixtures as well. Add lights and fans and try to make the ceiling more impressive. Similarly, you can use textures and colors to compose a delightful design on the false roof.

False ceiling design with geometric shapes

Peripheral false ceiling

A peripheral false ceiling is a ceiling where it runs around the edges of the original roof. You may find this interior design style often in many homes.

Due to running through the corners, it forms a central open space. Generally, this area holds a stylish chandelier or a ceiling fan in the room.

Some light may reflect off the peripheral edges of the room. If you add the central fixture with care, it can look delightful to the viewers. Be sure to choose something that will complement the rest of the room.

Geometric designs

geometric false ceiling designThese types of ceilings are a part of modern interior design. Here it is designed in geometric shapes and creates gaps to reflect light.

In this false ceiling design style, parts of the ceiling are constructed and later put together during ceiling installation. Here various geometric shapes come together to form something amusing.

Lights and ceilings materials play together for geometric shapes in the roof. In this way, through the application of many techniques, the false ceiling can flourish.

Once again ideas, there are options to diverse design styles with geometric shapes.

Box ceiling

On a layered ceiling, a repeating pattern of box forms the roof. Each shape has a light fixture at the center.

The name refers to the geometries on the roof. It is one type of layered roof design style.

Wooden slats

metal false celing design

The wooden ceiling is one of the most popular false roof design ideas in our country. Our natives adore the wood texture in their home interior.

It brings a sense of nature to the space we live. Wood textures in the interior design is an impression of luxury.

As the appearance is heavy, so is the price of wooden ceilings. If you can afford an entire wooden roof, it will be functional. Since wood is an insulating material, it aids in temperature control.

However, if the cost is too much to bear, you can install wooden slats on the design. There are many ways you can use wooden slats.

The most common way is to create a bar-like pattern in one or multiple areas of the ceiling. You can consult an interior designer to find out what design suits the best in your room.

Inverted cove

Similar to the peripheral false ceiling, an inverted cove can take any shape. It depends on the interior designer, how he gets inventive with the frame.

The open area in the false ceiling has lighting attachments. Some light can reflect off the roof to give a soft and warm surface to the interior.

A designer can install two or three different types of lights in an inverted cove ceiling. The central open area can hold innovative chandeliers and fan fixtures. The inverted cove is the best choice for rooms with high ceilings.

Intricate lattice

False ceiling design ideas

Sometimes a lattice design on the roof can fascinate the viewers. It can have various patterns to impress the observers.

The idea is similar to the rest of the ceilings. There is an open space at the center of the false ceiling where it holds a lattice frame.

A person who is fond of decorations will cherish this type of false ceilings. The lattice structure can have various designs as they please.

Final words – False ceiling Design Ideas

These are some famous false ceiling design ideas. However, this is not all.

As technologies advance, interior designers are finding new ways to implement design ideas. Hence always check out the latest trend in false ceiling interior before interior design.


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