Top 6 trendy interior design styles in Bangladesh

Top 6 trendy interior design styles in Bangladesh

Top 6 trendy interior design styles in Bangladesh

Are you planning to decorate your new house/ commercial space? If you are, then the first thing, you should know is the current interior design trends in Bangladesh. BD INTERIOR offers you the best trend-driven interior design services at affordable prices. We have successfully handover 450+ interior projects all over Bangladesh.

The trend is quite popular for some period or some time. After that, a new fad takes over the place of the old trend. That’s how everything is going in the current world. Nothing is permanent. As time goes man continuously changes their taste and choice. Interior design is no more exceptional. As time passes different types of interior design trends have appeared in light and in their time they were quite popular. If you have proper knowledge about some trendy interior design styles in Bangladesh, You can easily identify which one is go with your taste and choice. In this blog, we will discuss with you some trendy interior design styles in Bangladesh which will help you to identify your design tastes and choice.

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1. Modern interior design:

Modern interior design styles are said to be invented in the early 19th century. Please do not confuse with the adjective “modern” which means current trends. Sometimes you might be stuck between modern interior and contemporary interior design. Contemporary interior design has also referred to the current trends. But modern interior design style is very specific in terms of colors, materials, furniture, and features. The term modern interior design style was founded by a famous German architect named Ludwig Mie’s van der Rodhe.

Materials: In Modern interior design most commonly used materials are wood, metal, glass, and steel.

Color: In Modern Interior design commonly used color is a neutral color such as off-white, light-sky, light-green and earthy color.

Furniture: Furniture used in modern interior design is simple but glossy.

Modern interior design styles feature clean lines, a lack of clutter, and simple furnishing.

showroom interior decoration

2. Traditional Interior design:

Did you ever notice some old build architecture like the TAJ MAHAL, the parliament of Bangladesh? Are not they beautiful? Traditional interior design is inspired by older architecture. But it does not mean that traditional interior design styles are outdated. Tradition interior design styles are warming and calm. Traditional interior design styles create welcoming vibes in your place.

Materials: Most commonly used materials are different types of long-lasting woods.

Color: Silver color, gold color, or neutral walls.

Furniture: Elegant, majestic, velvet, silk

Traditional interior design is uniform, decorative strips, and detailed work wood.

3. Contemporary Interior Design Styles:

People often get mix contemporary interior design styles with modern interior design styles. Contemporary interior design styles mean design that is trending in current times. Contemporary interior design focuses on simplicity, sophistication, and clean lines. It is cluttered.

Materials:  Light wood, various types of glass, and stainless steel

Color: White, black, brown

Contemporary interior design features open and airy space.

elegant bedroom interior design in bangladesh

4. Industrial interior design styles:

The industrial interior design style took reference from the mid-19th century when machine, metal, and brick were the king. Any space can be converted into an industrial-type home by using the right material and color palate.

Materials: Brick, concrete

Color: brown, tan, black, cream, and grey

Industrial interior design styles focus on open floor layouts and exposed materials.

5. Transitional Interior Design:

Transitional interior design is a mixture of contemporary interior design styles and traditional interior design. It offers you to have an aesthetic look of your house as well as it will be functionality also.

6. Minimalistic interior design:

Minimalistic interior design styles focus on simplicity, cleanliness, no clutter, light color, and aesthetic vibes in your place. A minimalistic interior design style is good for when you are dealing with limited space. A small space can look bigger if you go with a minimalistic interior design style.

kitchen design for home decorationThese 6 are the most widely used interior design style in Bangladesh. I hope you have got a proper idea of every design style by knowing their material color and functionality. Create a checklist of your need and match these interior design styles’ functionality whether it goes with your tastes and need or not.

For any kind of interior design ideas please contact us. Our skilled and dedicated interior designers are ready to help you.


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