Different types of modular kitchen design in Bangladesh

Different types of modular kitchen design in Bangladesh

Different types of modular kitchen design in Bangladesh

Modular kitchen is the most popular kitchen interior design in Bangladesh. It becomes very popular because of its easy installation systems and the homeowner can customize their kitchen according to their choices. A modular kitchen is a system where all kitchen components are directly brought from a factory or interior shop and a modular kitchen designer creates cabinets according to the space size and customer’s needs. And install modular kitchen accessories inside the cabinets.

There are many types of modular kitchen interior design options available in modern days. Each option has different styles and functionality. Modular kitchen design cost in Bangladesh depends on the materials, finishes, cabinets, etc.

modular kitchen interior design

1. L-Shaped Modular Kitchen:

The l-Shape modular kitchen layout is planned along with two perpendicular walls, where kitchen stoves, kitchen sink, and kitchen counters are placed along two perpendicular walls. This type of modular kitchen design is very flexible because it allows you free movement in kitchen areas. This type of modular kitchen layout is suitable for these types of houses where the kitchen and living areas are combined or the kitchen and dining area shared the same space of a house.

L-shape modular kitchen design

2. A Parallel Modular Kitchen:

A parallel modular kitchen is designed like an l-shaped modular kitchen, where modular kitchen accessories are planned along two walls but they are parallel. This type of kitchen is suitable for lean spaces. In this type of kitchen design, you can separate these two walls for individual activities as you can use one wall for dry areas, and for wet areas, you can use the other wall.

3. A U-Shaped modular kitchen:

As the name suggests, this type of modular kitchen design is occupied by three walls. A U-shaped modular kitchen design is planned in such a way that two walls are faced each other and the other wall works as a connecter of these two walls. This kind of modular kitchen design is suitable for that type of kitchen where there is huge free space available. Due to its free space, you can easily install a kitchen island.

U-shape modular kitchen design

4. A Straight Modular Kitchen:

A Straight modular kitchen is suitable for small or compact homes like studio apartments where space is a major concern. This type of modular kitchen consists of one wall where cabinets are planned in a straight single line and there is one only counter available in this type of modular kitchen design where all modular kitchen accessories and components are organized. This type of modular kitchen design is less costly than the other types of modular kitchen design.

Straight modular kitchen

5. An Island modular kitchen design:

An island modular kitchen design is very handy in nature. The island’s countertop can be used as a dining table to take meals. An island modular kitchen design can be incorporated with any kind of modular kitchen design but you should have enough space to place a kitchen island. A kitchen island is very flexible in nature. Try to use a movable kitchen island if you have small spaces but want a kitchen island for more flexibility. Bring the kitchen island into the kitchen when you need it after using the kitchen island move it out to a suitable place.

Kitchen island


These are 5 widely used modular kitchen design options in Bangladesh. A different option has a different purpose and functionality. There is some common advantage of these modular kitchens over traditional kitchens. They are:

1. The modular kitchen is factory made that’s why is very accurate and durable in nature.

2. It is very easy to install a modular kitchen.

3. It is highly flexible and can be customized according to the requirements of the homeowner.

4. Storage is never been a problem for modular kitchens.

5. It comes with a large variety of materials and colors.

6. A modular kitchen ensures the best use of your kitchen space.

7. A modular kitchen design is very flexible and time-consuming because everything is organized as a module. You can find your required accessories easily.

I hope this blog will help you to choose the best modular kitchen. If you are still confused to choose the best kitchen design, do not hesitate to contact us. BD INTERIOR’s dedicated team is always ready to help you with your creative ideas.

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