7 Tips and Tricks for a successful bathroom renovation

7 Tips and Tricks for a successful bathroom renovation

7 Tips and Tricks for a successful bathroom renovation

Any kind of renovation is expensive; whether it comes to bathroom renovation it is very trickier and more expensive also. Whatever as we progress toward modern technology, there are many bathrooms decorating material has arrived on the market which is more functional than the existing bathroom materials. As the human mind change from time to time, they always like to explore new thing, they want to go with the current trends, and that’s why after a certain period, the bathroom needs to be renovated.

Are you looking for a bathroom renovation and want to convert your dreams into reality? We are here to help you with our awesome renovation ideas.

We have shared some awesome tips and tricks for successful bathroom renovation which will help you to transform your bathroom into a luxurious one.

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1. Create a list of your liking and disliking:

While you are thinking about bathroom remodeling or bathroom renovation, the first thing you should do is “make a list of which material of your bathroom to be replaced and which one to be kept”. If you create a list it would be easier to identify your budget and the material required to replace the existing material.

2. Know the current trends and styles of bathroom interior design:

You want your bathroom to be more luxurious, you are not happy about your current bathroom, and now you want a change; you want to renovate your bathroom. But you are confused about where to start and how to start. You can look after some interior magazines or many social media websites like Pinterest or Facebook to knowing the current bathroom interior design trends and newly invented bathroom interior materials.

3. Use Textured Tiles on the shower floor:

You will have to make lots of choices for tiles, flooring, and walls. While you are selecting tiles for your shower floor you will have to be aware of safety. Because tiles often get wet and create a huge possibility of slipping during taking a shower. That’s why; you should use textured tiles on the shower floor which will reduce the possibility of slipping. You might be thinking of cleaning issues, but modern-day tiles are easy to clean. Moreover, they are very visually appealing than plain tiles.

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4. Adding a window in the bathroom:

Everybody does not have the luxury to have a window in the bathroom other than a ventilator. If you have the scope of adding a window in the bathroom, just go for it. We often see that everybody uses bathroom light during day time due to the lack of natural light. Including a window could be a great renovating idea for your bathroom interior design. A window will make your bathroom free from humidity.

5. Improve the lighting System:

While you are going for remodeling, you will have to give special attention to the lighting systems of your bathroom. First, try to choose a suitable space for installing the light where shower water is out of reach from that place and where the lights lighted the most. Proper lighting around the bathroom mirror is important because, for hair, applying makeup, shaving, or doing any other task that needs lots of light.

6. Make the bathtub optional:

Using a bathtub is not always necessary especially if do not take baths in a bathtub often. Many people think that bathtub is aesthetically more appealing than a single shower, but this is not totally while you are living in a modern era. Now various kind of designed and styled shower is available in the aesthetically appealing market. You can only use a bathtub when you are dealing with a big bathroom space because a bathtub acquires a lot of space.

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7. Give attention to the ventilation system of the Bathroom:

Ventilation is not a core part of bathroom renovation until you have proper ventilation systems available in your bathroom if not, you will have to give proper attention to the ventilation system of your bathroom. It will drive out moisture and will prove the air quality in the space. It will help you to avoid suffocation.

I hope this blog has described some fair points about bathroom renovation. If you are still confused, do not hesitate to contact us. BD INTERIOR’s dedicated team is always ready to help you with your creative ideas.

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